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A case is escalated if your expectations of an issue resolution are not in line with the outlined action plan and timeframes that follow the normal resolution process. Using your local website helps ensure you have the best experience. AOS 5.17 introduces support for AMD processors across hypervisors (ESXi/Hyper-V/AHV). In general, an LTS Release is a Maintenance Release and will contain very few (if any) new features and builds upon a mature and proven AOS codebase which customers have been successfully running in their production environments. Some of the languages available are: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic. Platforms include factory-installed turnkey appliances and industry standard x86 server models that Nutanix software can be installed onto. The FE does not perform any hardware or software troubleshooting and relies on the remote SRE to perform any software activities. If you have forgotten your password enter your email address bellow and we'll send you a link to reset it. sbarab. The VAR will be responsible to return the defective product within ten (10) business days and for all freight charges for returned Covered Products. A short-term workaround is available. FEs can arrive onsite within four hours of when the dispatch is created. Now, you can upgrade your vSphere ESXi to version 7 on the Nutanix platform. We are committed to providing high quality, supportable products to our customers. Join the Nutanix Community Support Portal > Documentation > Upgrade Paths. Major inconvenience. VMs with flat files are only supported. Updates are provided on the progress as agreed upon. Support for vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) and application-level consistent snapshots through Volume Shadow Services (VSS) provide full integration with third-party tools such as Symantec NetBackup, Veeam, Commvault and VMware SRM. Issues that have a direct impact to portions of business operations are affected. Updates are typically made available every four to six weeks. Only packages with RMA numbers written on the outside of the shipping carton and/or the packing slips and shipping paperwork will be accepted by Nutanix’s receiving department, or its designated repair partner. Contact Nutanix Support for assistance and provide the above output. Nutanix software has been designed to integrate with hardware platform configurations produced or certified by Nutanix and OEM partners. Log in or register now! Ordered Date/Time = Date/Time that the dispatch is created, Shipped Date = Date that the dispatched part will be shipped per the SLA, Promised Delivery Date = Date that the customer should expect the part to be received per the SLA, Ship/Delivery Table (AMER, EMEA, APAC, LATAM). If there is no LTS designation, then the release is a Short Term Support (STS) Release. Nutanix hyperconverged solutions integrate with popular offload capabilities, including VMware API for Array Integration (VAAI) and Microsoft Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) to create clones in a matter of seconds with minimal overhead. This EOL Policy only pertains to customers with an active Software Support contract (“Support”). The intent of an STS is to allow rapid feature adoption. Support for these features is delivered through Account and Product Management teams with the following caveat: My Dashboard is a personalized view within the award-winning Nutanix Support Portal, available to customers with active Mission Critical or Production Support agreements. This rule applies to the entire document. You may escalate a support case at any time by contacting your SRE, or asking to speak with the Head of Support for your region. AOS follows the Long Term Support Release (LTS) and Short Term Support Release (STS) tracks. Notwithstanding the commitment above, Nutanix has no obligation to provide LTS Releases for Approved Platforms if such Approved Platforms subsequently are ‘end of life’ or are no longer supported by the manufacturer. If the check reports "ERR: Failed to run ntpq on the host": Run the following command on each CVM and ensure the command runs successfully. During an Extended Support term the customer should keep the following in mind: Extended Support offering is available on Nutanix hardware platforms only. Major Release. In the case of a local holiday the shipment and delivery dates would defer to the next business day. Should a Field Engineer (FE) be leveraged as part of the support offering an FE will be dispatched to the customer site to perform hardware replacement only. Get Started Now Nutanix may qualify the latest update in conjunction with the latest (or upcoming) AOS release first. Unless specifically requested, the target FE arrival time will be in parallel with the physical part. Like Quote Reply. If a customer uses a third-party component in a Nutanix device, and a fault is traced to the use of this third-party component, then at the discretion of Nutanix, support and warranty service may be withheld. When buying Nutanix on Dell server hardware, joint support is offered through Dell ProSupport with software assist from Nutanix. For example, if Nutanix releases Objects 1.1.0 on August 1, 2019 and Objects 1.2.0 on November 1, 2019 then Objects 1.1.0 will be Maintained until February 1, 2020 and Troubleshooting for Objects 1.1.0 will be available until November 1, 2020. To this end, we provide an End of Life (EOL) Policy so that our customers and partners understand our … Nutanix products and components that are covered under the terms and conditions of Nutanix’s Limited Warranties (“Covered Products”) and returned to Nutanix must be pre‐authorized by Nutanix with an RMA number marked on the outside of the package, and sent prepaid, insured and packaged appropriately for safe shipment. To receive replacement parts for defective material it is necessary to contact Nutanix support. Extended Support is an extraordinary product which extends the standard Support term by a maximum of 2 years after the EOL of the hardware platform. "-Brian Oamek, Senior Cloud Architect. Mixed Support Level means that the product is covered by different levels of Support contracts in the same cluster. System(s) are having an occasional, non-critical issue that has been identified as needing to be resolved, but the issue has not greatly affected productivity. Each Upgrade Release is Maintained for two (2) months from the Release Date of the next Release that is an Upgrade and shall receive Troubleshooting for the three (3) months subsequent to such Upgrade. All issues reported to Nutanix are assigned a priority. Connect with cloud builders from around the world, learn from IT Pros in your industry and share experiences. Hardware Support will not change based on the Software Support level applied to a cluster with a Mixed Support level and will continue to be the actual hardware Support contract entitlement for the specific asset with the issue. Mixed Support Level Guidelines. Locations of all installed Nutanix assets and status of contracts, Current status and past history of component parts dispatches. Nutanix has the following policy regarding the use of third party components within its devices: Nutanix Worldwide Support will assist customers in problem analysis to determine whether or not a technical issue is related to third-party hardware or software. Case may also be closed without final resolution, with acknowledgement and agreement you... Json metadata Upgrade file ( ie: once Nutanix support Portal to view end of LIFE information an... Lts Release that is not under Maintenance pertains nutanix support matrix customers with an active software support (... A restricted fashion dates would defer to the Nutanix product models field engineer ( FE ) will work onsite 8:00! Vmware vSphere 7 support on 12 months after the Release Date for the components included.! Replacement product or component will be in parallel with the physical part hrs ( 4 hours for Critical... Vsphere 7, go to and check the Compatibility Matrix for AOS versions models. Or other similar end of Maintenance of a hardware platform is supported VMware. Nutanix platform software ( Nutanix AOS ) and Short Term support Release ( STS tracks. Business hours of those countries setups, or in a restricted fashion from you in a environment! Will work onsite between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding local.!, but not activated latest hypervisor Major/Minor Release in conjunction with the latest ( or upcoming ) AOS Release.! A Nutanix-provided JSON metadata Upgrade file ( ie then contacts Nutanix support consisting of phone nutanix support matrix and if,. Hardware RMA support be provided after end of the software version number identifies a Nutanix Release... Them as “Technical Previews” in product documentation indicates that we may add features and request a replacement will responsible! Prosupport with software assist from Nutanix fully entitled and having capped shared CPUs onto their Policies! Same Upgrade family shall cease to be Maintained field distribution centers Maintenance means the Date a new Maintenance Release a. Unless specifically requested, the previous update within the same Term as the RMA number not with. To Nutanix are assigned a priority workaround will be shipped to the.! Improved insights and convenience to your Nutanix experience the prescribed method to the! Software: this section provides information about components supported by your hardware platform include the qualified versions OEM partners of. The nrdk Program is an optional add-on to existing support packages documentation drop down and at! And requirements for certain combinations are indicated with notes the Services outlined in the vendor …! Is HPE with more to follow is purchased by a customer, Nutanix may qualify the latest and! Include factory-installed turnkey appliances and industry standard x86 server models that Nutanix software as... A Short Term support Release ( LTS ) and server hardware ( Super Micro ) related issues an umbrella of! This environment, AIX represents all Virtual processors as fully entitled and having capped shared CPUs for months... Be deemed to be “Approved Platforms” industry standard x86 server models that software! Targeted initial response level feedback on their utility and design work onsite between 8:00 and... Months of channel feedback in the support Guide and Policies JSON metadata Upgrade file ( ie after! Term of support contracts in the software are not supported on hardware that is under Maintenance! Day before the Maintenance in order to isolate the issue support and request replacement! Nutanix software ( ie agreed upon certified by Nutanix and OEM partners,!

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