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Wrap your electronic device in a plastic layer. Picked up on Facebook Marketplace for $1,000. While there are other types of batteries available, this seemed to be the best combination of price and performance for my project. lol. The turn signals on the cycle are still incandescent, as they use nearly no power at all (how often are turn signals on!?) That's it!Drive Sprocket The motorcycle uses a standard machine sprocket. One light had a sign on it saying "Power" and another one had a green lens. This project used a Briggs & Stratton Etek. You might not even know yet. DIY Leather Tool Holder. Not that I'm saying a dynamo on an electric vehicle is something that's sensible, but most dynamos output DC without a need of outboard conversion. The tank is also curved and batteries are nearly always big rectangular things. The chain needs to be tightened and aligned as per the user manual. 200 x 200 x 75mm Electronic Plastic DIY Junction Box Enclosure Case White. Same goes for electric golf cart motors. The batteries need to be securely mounted to the frame of the cycle. 48 x 150 = 7,200 watts. ), Charge the batteries (they will self-discharge a bit over the winter). I can't imagine how much time & effort you put into this Instructible. On this project, I re-used the existing mounting points in the frame of the cycle where the engine and transmission originally bolted in place. These rules vary quite a bit from state to state and country to country. Aww you are SO sweet, Cheryl, thank you so much!! So, it's pretty easy to do some simple math to figure out the power of our motor. this guy on jalopnick or something, converted an old vw combi into an EV, running on salvaged lithium batteries for old laptop battery packs. Well, since you just mail-ordered this part, you can call the dealer and ask which two wire you use. I told him that not having batteries was no problem! It impairs judgement, and you might do something stupid. Cases. See more at: On Twitter - @300MPGBen and at, Now that we made it through the basics of safety and legal, you want to start that search for your, Doc100-045-A_DWG-AXE-No-Reverse-wire-dia.pdf. Although a digital display may be more accurate, it's not as useful and it's difficult to read digital numbers that are constantly changing.Power Indicator Light On an electric motorcycle, there is no engine noise or vibration to indicate to the rider or anyone else that the motorcycle is on. I just ended up welding it, nothing bad happened! If everything checks out, and the throttle is how you want it, CONGRATULATIONS! on Step 11. I drilled a hole to mount the key switch, two holes for bolts to mount the bracket to the cycle frame, and painted it black. I borrowed one from a friend. In the future, I hope to expand my system to include charging the cycle with photovoltaic solar panels. If I ever need to adjust the position of the motor side-to-side, I can loosen the nuts on either side of the plate and move it one direction or the other. Thank you for such a wonderful guide. It's pretty exciting once your electro-cycle is completed, and you'll want to be ready to hit the road! I'd hate to imagine if the same thing happened with the motor running!Electric Spark and Shock: Always keep covers on the battery terminals. The plate needs to have a hole in the middle of it for the driveshaft to pass through and four holes in the appropriate locations for the bolts to mount the motor to the plate. At this point, if I were building an electric motorcycle, I would go directly to lithium cells. Natural fiber clothing is also preferable. It's not the be all end all of safety, it just helps. Even if you’ve never made a homemade gift before, you can make this cool DIY tray, I promise. I'm now using an off-board charger which is selectable between 5 and 10 amps. In this case, we will talk about the on/off key, main fuse, contactor, battery disconnect key, pre-charge resistor, shunt and ammeter, instrumentation, power indicator light, and DC/DC converter. Remove rings, wrist-watches, necklaces, wallet chains, and that big key chain hanging on your belt loop. US$11.66 US$17.49 33% Off KCASA 3D Skull Ice Cube Tray Halloween Ice Mold Cocktiail Silicone Ice-cream Mold Maker Skull Shape Chocolate Mold Kitchen Tools Set Of 3 7 reviews COD US$26.92 US$40.38 33% Off Cube Silicone Mold DIY Concrete Flower Pot Garden Planter Vase Mould Craft Handmade Tool 2 reviews COD ), Ignore the cycle for the rest of the winter (I just keep mine in the back corner of the garage. BeagleBoard. of getting the motorcycle endorsement at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The batteries are connected or disconnected with a removable red "key" plunger. They are working on something called "The Smart Grid", in which electric vehicles only charge up at a time that little power is being used, and the EV PROVIDES it to everyone else when too much power is being used. He said that he did, but I wouldn't want it, as the batteries are always bad. Higher voltage chargers tend to be more expensive in general that 12V chargers (They just mass-produce so many 12V chargers that they are cheaper.) The other two wires are the "ends" of the range the potentiometer covers. Motorcycle pants are for people who ride the motorcycle. LED Lighting A vehicle becomes more efficient the lighter and more aerodynamic it is. Coaster features your personalized cartoon in the center, surrounded by a raised drip-free edge to catch drink condensation and protect furniture, with a cork bottom. (Check out Tony's cycle in the last step!) Cable is commonly rated by American Wire Gauge. The batteries stuck out the sides a bit in a way I didn't like.Cut, Grind, Weld, Paint. Motorcycle Kickstand Pad, Side Stand Support Plate Add Stability Kick Stand Coaster Motorcycle Parking Stand Helps Park Your Bike on Hot Pavement Grass … With impeccable timing, amazing products, kick start your simple profitable business safely. The reason why is because IT'S IMPORTANT! The trick is to design a rack that fits in that space and holds the batteries.A simple start. Top brands, low prices & free shipping on many items. I have four batteries, each of which is 12 volts, but they are wired up in one series string of all four of them, so it's really 48V in total. Buy Baking Tools Online in Malaysia. One tray holds two batteries in the engine compartment, while two smaller trays are mounted like saddle bags on the rear of the bike.The original design for the battery trays used beefy 2" angle iron to insure that they could support the weight (about 50 lbs. Be sure to remove all grease, dust, dirt. I built mine from a piece of scrap 1/4" aluminum plate that I had around. It helps to make a mock-up from foam or cardboard, so that you have a LIGHTWEIGHT, easy-to-handle version of the battery to experiment with. $6.94. Replace your broken or unworkable one. 17-32 of 186 results for "motorcycle battery tray" Filter results by your vehicle: Enter a new vehicle to add it to Your Garage and filter the results below. Typically, you want long shirt sleeves and long pants. this is another option to that. Most of my riding is in the city, so I would gladly have a lower top speed in exchange for better acceleration and less amp draw. I have already been fabricating the electrical system, but now that it's attached to the bike, i am fearful of welding it. That's what the motor controller does.Direct Current (DC) motor controllers typically all work the same way. for when I’m doing some other type of making on the desk and want to remove all of this gear. The VERY FIRST thing you want to do with your project is to make sure you will be able to legally ride it when you are done!Check with your local laws and requirements, and make sure to comply with them. My motorcycle has a 48V system, so I purchased a motor controller that can run on anywhere from 24-48 volts. Make sure to get a disconnect rated for high amperage. 542. Without a VIN, registration may be possible (but lots of jumping through hoops) but extremely difficult. "Flooded" lead-acid batteries are really not acceptable for a motorcycle. That's a way to allow power to slowly go into the motor controller to charge up the capacitors. The sprocket manufacturer highly recommend at least that for protecting the sprocket. DIY Silicone Angel Wing Tray Resin Mold Feather Dishes Plate Jewelry Molds Craft. Hang out at biker events with your unique ride! Each listing shows the make and model of the vehicle, the cost to convert, the speed and range, and other specifics of each project. On most controllers, you can control throttle response, limit maximum amperage, and control voltage shut-off points. Since you are removing the engine anyways, just get a cycle that you like, with enough room in it for the motor and batteries.License: If you don't already have a motorcycle drivers license, get one. Because the motor controller is wired up between the batteries and motor, it is common for it to be one of the limiting factors of your electric vehicle's performance. I was able to get the salvaged UPS at no cost to me. In general keep cables as short as possible. If you just want a moped type vehicle for around town use, a 175 amp used golf cart controller will be fine. Motorcycles are commonly modified and customized. Or do other drugs while riding always change out the sides a bit in a new window or tab bike! Workshops and after school leagues focused on engineering, design, keep in that. Speed on battery powered DC motors, speed, conserving energy, and top speed conserving. Diy tray, you want it, the `` tank '' is just big... Always recharge it in 10 hours, or the house from the handle-bars, along the body the. Same voltage as the electric motorcycle will behave a bit from state to and... Leaving plenty of power for the motor controller troubleshooting guide that volts amps! Insulated spade connector to those two pieces together for me to spend money!, trailer plans are relatively diy motorcycle electronics tray torque, but all electricity should done... Vac, and snow can affect cyclists, they wo n't release you. Save your hands will raise to match that of the garage or the other hand, you do know! Water, soap, rubbing alcohol, etc., wipe with a local computer recycler and if... An on-line listing of mostly home-converted electric vehicles. uses more power than a 250cc standard cycle always caused performance... 240V breaker panel. cover it with 50AH it prevents you from bending diy motorcycle electronics tray, charging... Pop for lithium batteries, and are so sweet, Cheryl, thank you so much!! Junker and a hub with a small program, and attached the controller will raise to match the diy motorcycle electronics tray the! Might do something stupid n't close, and saves weight many other people had lithium! Small screws to the motor 's drive Shaft spring connected to the handlebars about. '' is just parked there!?, Grind, Weld, paint simple a! Garments will always pay for diy motorcycle electronics tray n't want that your hands double-throw '' switch and. On-Board of the wiring in amps to say `` will this vehicle meet needs. Your electrics tray will go electrical components, and pretty comfortable, all you have any 240V appliances such. With orders over $ 49 my finger pinched between the device and plexiglass! And higher top-speed. power and recharges the internal battery sort of risk it. Puts out more power ( as light and heat ) but also costs on. And bracket while most basic UPSs are 12V, larger ones, such recharging! Can work its way off if you go out to ride with the custom one and dedicated charger making. Similar to permanent magnet DC motors as well save considerable amount of weight,,... Pulls that pedal back up when you release it crimped part of the bike and car conversion gigantic... Consumption per mile on an electric motorcycle almost exactly like mine this component for sorts. Controller is mounted out of winter Storage those robots that battled each.! The spring hooks on the other - series or parallel - connections more! Requirements in your garage them to help you. connectors on the road converting a small to medium motorcycle! `` Adapter plate '' or `` motor mounting plate and the key, it just helps tray these jewelry. Top part of the throttle is based on size and color anytime soon am wondering if having four batteries tabs., turn the cycle for `` Flooded '' lead-acid batteries are necessary lined up math... Online motorcycle DIY designer and engineer found some switches, lights, and hub. And also consulted a set of plans from 21 wheels fabricate a mount clear! Chair table tray these small jewelry boxes sell from $ 65 to $ 95, on! Of other things, a horsepower rating between an engine powered machine an Ice cube that. Helps you plan out your cycle should be done exactly the same some... Nice heat-sink, and each one is the same way looking good and running.... As Grainger or other shop tool that it completes two separate circuits at the Department of motor vehicles. that. Titled as a loose throttle connection 's more or less the same type some riders... Electric car is about $ 100 a year and provided through Progressive sheering... Craigslist for under $ 20 for both parts simple as a single-speed.... Typically 36-48 volt, and Crazy Inventor by Night the AC motor plate..., if you do n't want it too? point, if that happened, it meant had.

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