clio service light reset


Hi there, i have a 05 grand scenic, just serviced (not renault garage) and when trying to reset the service light (ie. Turn ignition ON, don’t start the car. I have seen some scanners for sale on ebay which use OBD2 software, has any one used/ bought one of these and do they work, or can anyone recommend one The boy works in a garage and is going to service it but I was wondering about how to reset the service light. How to reset service light indicator Renault Clio 3 models with trip computer.. Someone at renault said you do something with the stalk button. Afternoon all, My 182 is coming up to it 24k service, which i'm gonna sort out myself, i'm guessing that the service light will come on soon. Laters, Jam. Reset the service indicator light 2007 Renault clio Turn on the ignition, but don’t start the car. It has been covered many times before. Thanks stu, will give it a go, Mines a clio III (new shape) by the way, if it makes a difference? there isnt a service reset on a clio . hi have got a 1.2 16v clio on a 53 plate i done the service on the car myself im just wondering is they any way of turning the service light off myself as i know how to do in on vauxhalls but not on clios is it the samw way with using the key in the ignition or is it different where i … It need to be plugged inot the Renault computer realy for the fault to be found. We also get a receipt (obviously) We keep these in the service book too. Any help apprieciated. Push and release display reset button 1 or 2 or press and hold buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously on the tip of the wiper lever until the Distance Before Next service information or Service DUE is displayed. Can you enlighten me a little? My car got broken into a few months back, got window changed, and when they were hoovering it they must of knocked something, because when I got it back the service light and airbag light has been on ever since, ive read numerous posts about it on here about wiggling the wires etc.. bu no luck. ... Just getting a 51 plate 1.5 Dci for the boy and the service light is on. Feasible someone reset it, but didn't service it. I cant actually unclip the plugs underneath. if the lights on SERV theres a fault m8 , might likely the air bag connector under the passenger seat , move it about and put in into one of the springs under the seat and then restart the car and see if its gone off Usualy accompanied with another light if not check oil. The reason I ask is that it is possible to reset the service light yourself. How to Reset Service Light Renault Clio 3 model year from 2009 to 2014 For models with keyless entry: 1- If the next service is due in less than 1.500 km / 900 miles or less than 2 months, without pressing any pedal, insert remote control in the ignition slot. Re: SERV light on Clio and Airbag light Now the aibag light has come on the dash and does not go off, so I now have 2 fault lights on the dash, the SERV light and the air bag light. The SERv light only comes on when there a problme nothing to do with services. On the right stalk there is a toggle switch that hinges up and down, and is used for going through the different features of the display. Nice and vague. Many thanks Gareth . change oil now indicator) holding … How do you reset it manually? When we service ours, we get a long 'checklist' showing what's been done and things like brake pad wear etc. I did this once, in a Peugeot 206.

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