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The body structure of a Vizsla is very similar in appearance to a Weimaraner and a Redbone Coonhound, though the Vizsla is typically leaner with a more defined musculature. The Vizsla is an ancient dog breed, and their ancestors were known to be the loyal and trusted hunting friends of the Magyar tribes dwelling in the Pannonian Basin during the 10thcentury. Love indoors and out Cons 1. Compare Wirehaired Vizsla and Vizsla and {name3}. [24][25][26][27], The first written reference to the Vizsla dog breed has been recorded in the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle prepared on order of King Louis I of Hungary by the Carmelite Friars in 1357.[28]. Vizsla Characteristics. Interaction but firm and consistent rules are key to ensuring their usually good but lively characters do not become problematic. Velcro Dogs – The Loyal Vizsla Temperament. In addition to the same loyal temperament of the soft coated Vizsla, the wire coat breed has an adorable beard and characteristic bushy eyebrows. Vizsla Characteristics. Vizslas, a friendly and also intelligent dog, require a high level of physical activity and considerable interaction with people. At times, they too, like human beings, undergo anxiety disorder or separation disorders. Loyal and sensitive. They are graceful and loyal dogs who dislike being left alone. The Vizsla’s medium size is one of the breed’s most appealing characteristics as a hunter of fowl and upland game and, through the centuries, the Vizsla has held a rare position among sporting dogs – that of household companion and family dog. He is a loving and loyal companion with an even temperament, although he is strong-willed and stubborn and will therefore need training and socialization. If you’ve been wondering if you should welcome a vizsla puppy or dog into your home, read on to discover more about vizslas’ temperament and core personality traits. For this reason, families considering a vizsla should talk about the possibility of having someone at the house regularly. Therefore, they are unsuited for living outdoors. Labrala. His size is one of the Vizsla's most attractive characteristics and through the centuries he has held a unique position for a sporting dog -- that of household companion. They are beautiful, graceful and loyal, and make superb companion dogs. They tend to follow you around like your shadow, therefore, it is necessary to be gentle and loving with them. Black, brown, light pink, or another color nose is an indication of another breed. In addition to the same loyal temperament of the soft coated Vizsla, the wire coat breed has an adorable beard and characteristic bushy eyebrows. However, they must be trained gently and without harsh commands or strong physical correction, as they have sensitive temperaments and can be easily damaged if trained too harshly. Copyright © 2020 Golden Meadows Retrievers. The AKC Standard calls the Vizsla "lively, gentle-mannered, demonstrably affectionate, and sensitive." Hungarian Vizsla temperament. Thank you for your cooperation and interest in Golden Meadows Retrievers, Rule of 7 – Puppy Socialization Technique, How Much to Feed a Golden Retriever Puppy. [28], The Vizsla thrives on attention, exercise and interaction, Approximately 4,520 Vizsla puppies are registered with the Kennel Club of Great Britain (KC) each year, making the breed one of the top 50 most popular. Hungarian Vizsla temperament. Intelligent and devoted 2. Hungarian Vizsla lifestyle. Height of the breed ranges from 56–64 cm; It weighs around 20–29 kg. The Vizsla is a working breed and this must be taken into consideration. The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, being powerful, resourceful, and extremely devoted, is an ideal family companion for active people who have energy and time to spare. The Vizsla has survived the Turkish occupation (1526–1696), the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, World War I, World War II and the Hungarian People's Republic. Is a vizsla a good family dog? Vizsla – Very Easy to Train, Medium Sized Loyal Companion Dog Breed. [7] Not only are they great pointers, but they are excellent retrievers as well. Tweet. Vizsla Temperament. Compare Vizsla and Wirehaired Vizsla and Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. They adore their people and are very loyal to them. Hungarian Vizsla lifestyle. As companions of the early warlords and barons, Vizsla blood was preserved pure for centuries by the land-owning aristocracy who guarded them jealously and continued to develop the hunting ability of these "yellow-pointers". He had the best temperament. 612-559-1580 [29] There are two breed clubs for the Vizsla in Britain, The Hungarian Vizsla Club[30] and The Hungarian Vizsla Society. Find similarities and differences between Wirehaired Vizsla vs Vizsla. But they are a powerful, active breed, and are only the right dog for the right sort of owner. Vizsla Temperament and Behavior. They are often referred to as “Velcro” dogs because of their loyalty and affection. This makes them a great companion, but it also means that they don’t like being alone. This breed of dog originated through the mix between a Vizsla and a Labrador. Those that are purebred and raised lovingly by patient and knowledgeable breeding experts will typically offer up nothing short of total love and obedience. The standard coat is a solid golden rust color in several shadings. ... View Vizsla Photo Gallery . They have little noticeable "dog smell" detectable by humans. They will retrieve on land and in the water making the most of their natural instincts. The Vizsla is loyal, exuberant, friendly and affectionate. In fact, Vizsla dogs worked at Ground Zero after the deadly 9/11 twin attacks. According to archeologist, similar looking dog belonged to Magyar hunters who were first settlers in Hungary.. Boys Saturday February 13th Eastern Time #1 Dant Family #2 Pedley Family #3 Schubert Family #4 Orse Family #5 Murphy Family #6 Milks Family Girls Saturday February 13th Eastern Time #1 Wilson Family #2 Merrell Family #3 Izzo Family #4 Kurrasch Family #5 Monreal Family #6 Available #7 Available Puppy deposits are non-refundable. Some variations in the Vizsla coat color along their back (saddle-type marks) are typical. Pin it. The Vizsla temperament is gentle-mannered, caring, loyal, and very affectionate. Vizslas are quite smart, loyal and active. If you’re exploring which type of dog to bring into your home and you want a warmhearted, bright and animated pet, consider adopting a vizsla puppy or adult dog. [5] Its name means "searcher" or "tracker" in Hungarian. Hungarian Vizslas may have close ancestors that have existed for some 1000 years but stronger evidence suggests their rise to prominence in the 1900s as … The American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standards for the Vizsla states that the coat should be short, smooth, dense, and close-lying, without a woolly undercoat. Initially, the WHV can be a little aloof with strangers, but once it g… Comparison between Hungarian Vizsla Dog and Dalmatian Dog. Note that the Wirehaired Vizsla is a separate breed formed by crossing the Hungarian Vizsla and German Wirehaired pointer. Even though, they are not recommended for families with little … Highly intelligent, loyal, and sensitive to a fault, Vizsla hunting dogs respond well to affection and praise. Although it is not an overly aggressive breed, it may become excited and take a defensive stance if threatened. The Vizslador is very intelligent and loves to train and exercise a lot. It is rare to find an aggressive vizsla because aggression isn’t part of their natural temperament. Menu. It is not hypoallergenic breed. The American Kennel Club[19] states that a typical lifespan for the Vizsla is between 12-14 years[20], while a 2008 Vizsla Club of America survey puts the average lifespan of the Vizsla at 9.15 years. If you need to admonish your Vizsla, do it gently. The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla are sporting dogs and loyal companions. Did not beg or bark. Sensitive and sleight 3. They share the bed The Vizsla (Smooth-Haired) is a short-coated hunting dog of distinguished appearance and bearing. We bred our Vizslas for temperament which allows our dogs to excel at many different endeavors. Note that the Wirehaired Vizsla is a separate breed formed by crossing the Hungarian Vizsla and German Wirehaired pointer. Which is better: Wirehaired Vizsla or Vizsla ... Temperament : Friendly Intelligent Going Loving Loyal Protective : [31] The winner of the Best In Show award at Crufts 2010 was a Vizsla named Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind. If left alone, Vizslas ca… Major risks include epilepsy and lymphosarcoma. The number is steadily rising year after year as more people recognize the breed. Stubborn and can hate bad weather 4. This makes them perfect company for a jog or bike ride as they love lots of exercise and spending time outdoors. They are highly trainable and willing to learn, but if not given a strong, assertive authority figure, the Vizsla may become stubborn. As already mentioned, it can form a very strong bond with its owner. December 30, 2016. [32], Sources report various pronunciations in English, with some closer approximations of the Hungarian original like, "Breed Standards: Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla",, "CVMA | Documents | Cosmetic Alteration – Position Statement", "Labrador retriever is Chicago's top dog", "Hungarian Vizsla: Puppy Facts, Dog Breed Information and More", "Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation 2008 Health Survey", "Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: Purpose", "Crufts 2010 won by Hungarian Vizsla called Yogi",, Articles with Hungarian-language sources (hu), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Cancer (mast cell tumors, hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma), This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 11:54. The Vizsla is a medium-sized dog, The average height and weight: Five-month-old Vizsla with the AKC standard "golden rust" coat. The Vizsla is an energetic dog that likes to spend lots of time outside, running around and scenting. This is why they can easily suffer from separation anxiety and depression when left alone for long periods. ... Vizslas are very loyal to its owner and want the best for you and want to … [7] Robust, but rather lightly built, they are lean dogs that have defined muscles. An expert on the breeds tells us, “If you don’t have the time to encourage this breed’s full use of its brain, you’re wasting a good dog.”. Vizslas first came to the United States in the middle of the 20th century. The Wire-haired Vizsla is a medium-sized, active dog with tracking and retrieving abilities. However, they were bred centuries ago by nomadic tribes crisscrossing what’s now Hungary and parts of Eastern Europe. The Vizsla is smaller than the Weimaraner and is 56-61 cm tall, whilst the Weimaraner’s average height is 64-69 cm. They do have strong hunting instincts, so it is important to teach and reinforce the recall command with these dogs, in order to protect wild animals and smaller prey. The Vizsla wants to be close to its owner as much as possible, and it is commonly observed that vizslas insist on sleeping under the covers in their owner's bed at night.[18]. This breed requires vigorous exercise to stay happy and steady minded. [23] September 1, 2020. Both variations of the Vizsla have a gentle, loyal and extremely affectionate character. Vizsla survived several extinctions after the world war. Often described as flawless in temperament. It is a people-oriented breed that can also show its gentle and affectionate nature to kids and strangers. Vizsla Temperament and Personality. The Hungarian vizsla is gentle, loyal, and affectionate, which make it a perfect companion for first-time dog owners. Though they are not recommended for families with toddlers because of their highly excitable nature and boundless energy, they are great around kids and teenagers. The Vizsla and the Weimaraner have similar histories, in that were refined by local nobleman in the search for the perfect hunting dog, but they originate from different European countries. Robust, but rather lightly built, they are lean dogs that have defined muscles. They have proven themselves to be great field, show, and water dogs. The Vizsla is an energetic dog that likes to spend lots of time outside, running around and scenting. Yes, sometimes the attention can get a bit annoying, but any Vizsla owner will tell you the love and loyalty of this breed is a very big part that makes them so special. All Rights Reserved. Small areas of white on the fore-chest, neck, or tail are permissible[9] but not preferred. Vizsla dogs are great family members and are very affectionate, loyal, quite, energetic, gentle temperament, great with my young children. They are loyal, obedient dog that is attached and devoted to their family. . From temperament to grooming, if you are thinking about choosing the Hungarian Vizsla to be your canine companion, then read up on these fascinating facts about this brilliant breed to make sure they are right for you. Vizsla intelligence ranking compared to other dogs: #25 . Gentle mannered and demonstrably affectionate - you may find that your Vizsla will want to hold your hand or wrist in his mouth. Vizslas are quite smart, loyal and active. The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla or Smooth-Haired Vizsla are sporting dogs and loyal companions. This breed lives up to 12 – 15 years. Vizslas thrives on attention, exercise, and interaction. They do have strong hunting instincts, so it is important to teach and reinforce the recall command with these dogs, in … People who work from home, or who are willing to get a pet-sitter to come at least once a day, are solid matches for vizslas. As household pets, Vizslas are loving, loyal, and highly affectionate, and form strong physical bonds with their owners. Records of letters and writings show the high esteem in which the Vizsla was held. Temperament: The Wirehaired Vizsla has a gentle and friendly temperament. Since the tail is docked when the puppy is less than three days old, this longer dock can result in some variation in tail length among Vizsla dogs from different breeding programs. Thank you so kindly. Vizslas are quite smart, loyal and active. Grooming and General Care for the Dog Breed Vizsla The nose of the Vizsla will always have a reddish color that blends with the coat color. Known for their ruddy coloring and good looks, vizslas aren’t just pretty faces. Most breeders recommend that vizslas get no less than an hour of moderate activity every day to keep them feeling and looking terrific. The exact origin of the Wirehaired Vizsla is a mystery. They are natural hunters with an excellent ability to take training. Some believes that Vizsla breed is a century old while some think it is a 20 th century breed. A quick bath and this odor will vanish. Comparison with other breeds. The Vizsla is a working breed and this must be taken into consideration. Smartest Dog Breeds Pet dog parents always want to feel that their dog is the smartest on the block, and while this may be true, a clever dog can come in many types. The various "strains" of the Vizsla have become somewhat distinctive as individuals bred stock that suited their hunting style. The Wirehaired Vizsla is a medium-sized dog and should be offered a dog food diet that is formulated for dogs of that size. They are exceptionally sociable dogs and like to form part of the family. Before you can decide which breed is better, you’ll want to learn about each breed’s specific background and history. Even if their role is to fetch the paper or practice training exercises at the park, they’ll step up their game and appreciate the experience. Though every vizsla responds to separation anxiety differently, some common behavioral responses to feeling isolated include chewing obsessively as well as whining and barking loudly. Keeping a vizsla engaged is critical to their — and your — happiness because they’re intelligent enough to get into mischief when bored. They are affectionate, gentle, loyal, energetic, trainable, and calm. Vizsla vs Weimaraner in size and colouring. He did nip at other dogs. Vizslas will cry or whine when they feel neglected or are otherwise unhappy. [10] Breed standards in countries where docking is banned, such as the United Kingdom,[11] do not allow this and docking has been condemned by the American Veterinary Medical Association,[12] the American Animal Hospital Association,[13] and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Temperament and Personality The Vizsla is a caring, gentle, well-mannered and affectionate dog, forming an intimate bond with the members of their household. Enhancing the Vizsla Temperament. Regardless of your Vizsla's energy levels, she will always be sensitive, loyal and working. SEO Company, Due to COVID-19, we will have to cancel our 6 week old play dates. At home, a Vizsla is a loyal and loving partner. Vizsla Temperament. Children still in the infant or toddler stage may find a vizsla’s intensity and drive too overwhelming. Vizsla’s origin, price, personality, life span, health, grooming, shedding, hypoallergenic, weight, size & more Vizsla information & dog breed facts. VIZSLA DOG. This breed’s original purpose was to help their humans find prey while hunting. This dog breed forms strong attachments with its owners and is often called ‘Velcro vizsla,’ because it will stick to your side no matter what. Vizsla Temperament Vizslas are intelligent and highly sensitive creatures that are often bred to be dual- or even triple-purpose dogs (show, field, and obedience). They are sporting dogs and loyal companions. The Vizsla's medium size is one of the breed's most appealing characteristics. This breed requires vigorous exercise to stay happy and steady minded. Vizsla vs German Pinscher. The Vizsla Temperament Vizslas are known to be happy-go-lucky dogs who are eager to please their owners. It’s important to note right away that while a dog’s temperament will vary from animal to animal, it is less predictable than physical inheritance. [7] The coat could also be described as a yellow, copper-brown color, russet gold, and dark sandy gold. As interest in and devotion to the breed began to increase, owners formed the Vizsla Club of America in order to gain AKC recognition. Vizsla dogs are very high-energy, tender-hearted, loyal, caring and very affectionate, and they quickly form a close bond with their owners, children, and even strangers. Although they can be kind to strangers, they’re most attached to the individuals they see every day. Because they’re sporting dogs, vizslas naturally enjoy having “jobs” around the house. It bonds strongly with its family members, also getting along well with kids and other pets. Wirehaired Vizsla Characteristics This breed belongs to Hungry and it is an all-round hunting dog. They are eager to learn, love the water, and thrive on interaction with their human family. Due to a vizsla’s body structure, these dogs like to run and stay on the go. In America, this breed is known as the Uplander. However, Weimaraners and Rhodesian Ridgebacks are larger than Vizslas. Temperament and Behavior. Temperament. [17] With proper socialization and training, Vizslas are very gentle dogs that can be great around children. Temperament: The Wirehaired Vizsla is a calm, gentle and loyal companion. . Generally, this canine can be given two names: Vizslador. [16] However the owner must show quiet authority in training, otherwise the dog is likely to take over the training session. Very loyal. compare height, weight, life span, litter size and more. It is not hypoallergenic breed. The personality of the Vizsla is friendly and gentle. The Vizsla (Hungarian: [ˈviʒlɒ])[a] is a dog breed from Hungary and belongs to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) group 7 (Pointing Dogs),[3] the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) group 1 (Sporting group),[4] and the American Kennel Club (Sporting group). Wire-haired Vizsla requires plenty of exercises to be kept active, and this breed is a little more giant and possesses a more substantial bone than the Vizsla. Energetic; Gentle-mannered; Loyal… He’s so loyal and loving that he got the title of ‘Velcro Dog’ because he’s just that clingy! High energy, gentle-mannered, loyal, caring, and highly affectionate, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas, or ‘Wires’ as they are affectionately known, are natural hunters, pointers, and retrievers.

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