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Buy on … this worked perfectly, no streaks or marks. They were more expensive but worth every penny. Didn't leave any oily residue; the fridge looks and feels glossy smooth and new. I was about to order a very expensive product on Amazon until I read this thread. I am really proud to have that beautiful stainless steel refrigerator in my kitchen now! Went on to do all the appliances and now they look brand new. So I tried the WD 40 (a little afraid to try it) and it worked great. If it streaks, I will update this post. I have a 20 fl. Counter Depth refrigerators , many manufacturers offer counter depth refrigerators, these refrigerators are designed to fit a 24 inch deep space allowing the refrigerator to be flush with the counter for a clean built in look. For those saying the LG stainless steel is not magnetic so its fake you are wrong. I1461725. This allegedly causes food within the refrigerator to spoil. I read all of these and tried this: Used windex with a paper towel to remove finger prints. Looks great after using Weimans for 15 minutes and then all the smudges and water stains reappear. If I could afford to junk it and buy a different one I would but will try the WD40 suggested here. that sells Cleaning Products. The store told me that they use Easy-off Professional Stainless Steel Cleaner. What are they thinking? Some consumers who had this problem have reportedly been forced to “live out of coolers” or prematurely replace their fridges. That being said I started cleaning my fridge with pledge multi surface cleaner...worked ok for maybe a month then it stopped working. I even left half undone to show my husband😊 1 caution though, make sure you have good ventilation, especially if you have respiratory issues. Worse than ever. Ought it at the 99 cent store. At first, both products seemed to work, but when I buffed the door hard or washed it down with warm soapy water the stains reappeared. I should have purchased my first choise white (funny it was more money) instead of being talked into stainless steel. I cleaned the rest with the two step (polish then vinegar) process successfully. Wiley) in July 2009. The stainless steel is very poor quality the shelves of my fridge started cracking only after a few months in use.My friend bought European made appliances and they are so much better in all aspects. So more or less every 4 months I deoil it. Buffing too much or washing the door removes the layer to reveal the stain! My fridge was $3000. When this water flows out in the air, it gets supersaturated so they turn into gas bubbles. Then put it on the front of the doors. I left the clear plastic coat on the doors and freezer drawer but my Mom took the plastic coat off one door. Refrigerator water filters cannot be relied on to remove all particles and bacteria that may be harmful to anyone drinking that water. I never should have bought stainless steel, kicking my self for doing so. We have many guests who always stick their glass in front of the ice pad and press the water pad with their finger thinking water comes out this way. It is frustrating but it reminds me to clean it with anti bac Windex. If anyone has another suggestion on how to make these appliances look good please share. I tried Weiman Stainless Steel cleaner/polish as well as WD40 in an attempt to remove some stains from our LG fridge door. By the morning, the refrigerator was completely dead. Check the defrost drain to determine if it is clogged or frozen. Just wanted to chime back in that plain mineral oil has worked like a charm and streaks are now buffing out easily. It sticks. If you don’t, this can cause a buildup of bacteria. Every streak and spot of dirt came off. It works fantastic, but my granddaughters finger prints were on the fridge this weekend and whatever she had on her hands the pledge wouldn't touch it. I decided to use the good old dawn soap on a wet sponge before I went to the WD40 and I am happy to say the dawn worked. If water comes out of the dispenser with the connector disconnector, replace the water valve. The 31 cu. Just thought I would try the Internet this am to see if I could find help with cleaning my stainless steel fridge. I was out of the ZEP cleaner and needed a substitute I used Old English furniture oil and it worked great. Spent well over $3000, and this is what you get in return. My fridge looks so shiny! I thought it was hopeless but then saw these comments about using WD40. Finger prints all gone along with the mess I made with the vinegar. Throw in the sparkling water—an innovation that embraces the SodaStream boom while saving precious counter space–and you’ve got a functionally impressive (albeit expensive) fridge. Water goes EVERYWHERE. The stainless steel doors are a pain t keep clean. I don't care to see the temperature every time I open the fridge. I followed with vinegar water and it was beautiful. This fridge is 3 months old and barely used as we've been having a new kitchen installed. A big "thank you" to the brilliant people on here that recommended it!! Not to be outdone by GE’s partnership with Keurig, Samsung teamed up with SodaStream to create the first-ever refrigerator with an integrated sparkling-water dispenser. I have it on order. I went into the garage and fortunately we had a little bit left so I tried it on a corner of the fridge and oh my goodness, it worked like a charm!! Refrigerator model number is LG LFX31925ST. When it dries it is perfect. How do Samsung refrigerators get sparkling water? Thought I had lost my touch until I found all these other comments with same experience. I have an LG stainless steel refrigerator, and I picked up some "stainless steel wipes" at the local store. The results are amazing. She wipes with the grain. Spray on shopzilla on wipe with a dry cloth. I most definitely would NOT buy this fridge again and would warn others. The single serve brewer is designed to accept a variety of K-Cup pods so you can enjoy coffee, tea, cider, and hot cocoa all from the refrigerator. Good luck. Just tired the WD40, and it worked wonders. I have that same problem. This has helped me like it a little more, thank you. The more I used products meant to clean stainless steel, the worse the streaking. Dish soap and then mineral oil has improved things, but it took so much effort to buff it everywhere for an even look. Avon Skin So Soft... That's the answer. hate my LG new refrigerator. (and no I am not an Avon rep.). Or they can sip it after their […]. Thank you whoever figured this one out!! I too bought my LG fridge in 2009. Sadly, that won't fit into our office kitchen, but if you've got the room and the cash, it goes on sale in April and yes, thank you, we'd love to come over for mojitos. I have had two other SS refrigerators and did not have this LG problem. My LG stainless refridgerator is impossible to clean. Found the mineral oil solution on another website and tried it. Collectively, their refrigerators are some of the most reliable in the market. I have a new Samsung fridge and have had the hardest time getting it clean. After a 3 month period, here is my feedback. I came across this thread after panicking about ten minutes after delivery of my lg fridge when I couldn't get the sticker stain off. Water changes clear the water temporarily, but in a day or two the cloudiness reappears, often even worse than before. If so, just in the direction of the grain? The LG dishwasher was a different story. They are expensive and should be something that shines in your kitchen. My fridge is back to being beautiful. We were having a big party at our house and I wanted my fridge spotless so I turned to Pinterest and went with the vinegar olive oil combo...well that took about 30 minutes to get all that oil rubbed off....but it did look pretty good. Honestly. LG are you LISTENING!!! Everyone I have turned on to this product to clean their stainless steel are turning on their friends. My smeary stainless steel refrigerator looks so much better, I was hating my new fridge. Also I agree WD40 works great. So I was reading about Old English and WD40. It looks like new again! Yes, this did leave streaks. I have tried everything and I mean everything, I.e. I will never by another LG. I wish it were harder to change the sparkling water level because it's constantly getting adjusted accidentally. We just bought a Stainless Steel Refrigerator from LG and for a day or two I thought I had the same problems… Finally use Weiman Stainless Steel wipes + a microfiber cloth…And voila – the fridge is back to normal. It removed all spots, water drips and did not leave an oily residue. Due to their popularity too, it is also easier to fix an LG or Samsung refrigerator . Press the Sparkling Water button for 3 seconds to turn On the sparkling water production. It is a pain but at least I know I can use the WD40 3 more times before taking it off again. Perfect! I have tried a lot of products. I am once again a happy owner of my LG frig that's clean and shiny! Now, Samsung has partnered with SodaStream to introduce the RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator, which comes with a built-in sparkling water dispenser for making homemade soda. Can someone offer a suggestion because this stainless steel refrigerator cost over $2000.00 and I am almost in tears everyday because it always looks so dirty. Wouldn't you think that LG would be interested in offering a solution with so many people complaining. Read the label and sure enough it said you could used it on stainless steel. I agree with almost everyone on the WD 40 it works great. LG - L197HPNL 563 L side by side refrigeratore with non plumbed ice and water. Tried everything on my LG fridge - nothing but streaks. As part of the factory settings, the Sparkling Water function is set to Off. I to could not clean my LG stainless steel refrigerator until I saw this site and saw that Steel Meister was recommended. Clean stuck on food particles first with winded or soap and water. The WD worked best...at first...then nothing. Remove the connector on the water coil. I think all the products eveyone is trying don't actually remove the stains - they are simply covered up by an ultra thin layer of polish or oil. Common solutions for: My LG Fridge Water Dispenser is Not Working. ft. four-door French door refrigerator. VOILA!!!! If it wasn't for their high reviews, I was almost hesitant about purchasing the other kitchen appliances. Anyway, I googled the problem today and came across this site where many recommended WD 40. The WD 40 and a micriofiber rag worked miracles!!! I tried Brasso and that made even more splotches. Thank you so much. I found pledge (and a paper towel)to work best on my LG refrigerator, a microfiber cloth (slightly damp with water) to work best on my LG microwave and GE dishwasher. I did have to use 2 dry rags to make sure there were no streaks but it was rather simple and took minimal effort! I've been using the WD40 for a couple of years now and would still like to try a product that you don't have to strip down every couple of months. I too had nasty streaks in my stainless refrigerator ... Olive oil did the trick and it looks brand new. It seems like all of the stainless steels are different.. Found WOW! It's easy to do. Won’t be another LG. You sort of have to wipe the entire area for it to look uniform. I finally came upon this page and decided to try Scotts liquid Gold and I am so happy I heard about it here, it made the world of difference. Simply click here to return to. I can’t speak for the ice maker because that I am still struggling with but I have all of and I clean it with liquid bar keepers. $4.77 shipping. Both worked to remove streaks.. we recommend both with a preference for WD 40. Shame on LG for not adding to the dialogue. The brand name is "Ougar8" and we got the gray plush ones for $11.99. Movable shelves, smooth sliding drawers, and specialty compartments. Will never buy LG again. I have found after the 3rd time of putting the WD40 ON that I have to take it all off and start fresh or it does start streaking with build up. I would bet all veggie cleaners would work. It has been 2 years of utter frustration trying to clean my gorgeous fridge. Purchased this LG stainless steel refrigerator a year ago. Shopzilla is a place to shop, can't find anything about stainless cleaning, please clarify. Now, it makes the smudging worse. Sodastream 60L CO2 carbonators are available for easy exchange at 10,000 locations. The appliances actually gleam!! I am going to try the WD40 as I have read more good reports on this. I tried everything and nothing worked. Anyway, I sprayed it on the refrigerator doors and it has been 20 minutes and no streaks! ft. French Door, double drawer refrigerator with automatic sparkling water dispenser, the Samsung RF31FMESBSR gives you the crisp delicious taste of sparkling water straight from your refrigerator door. Hi, for the person who just said they put Steel Meister on their LG refrigerator, could you post back in a couple of months and let us know how its working. tried everything suggested on here. OMG....I absolutely love my LG products. Save money, space and create less waste than when buying bottled water. The only time they looked good was when they were delivered. I cleaned my door with Clorox Kitchen Cleaner + Bleach (said was good for stainless). Canola oil and a soft cloth worked magic. Our 4-Door French Door Chef Collection Refrigerator features the convenience of a built-in, chilled sparkling or still water dispenser powered by SodaStream. I too have tried just about everything I could think of to clean and shine my LG stainless steel exterior! Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from RefrigeratorPro.com, We live in Mexico and finding salt life not so good for our SS LG Frig and stove. Shouldn't you be able to use all your freezer space without worrying about blocking vents? * “ The acid in the sparkling water softens up the surface of the tooth ,” Ruby explains. After reading all the comments here, I tried the WD40. ft. French Door Smart Refrigerator with Wi-Fi Enabled. Switching back and forth between ice and the sparkling water is a bit of a pain too. The stainless steel cleaner and wipes that worked like a charm with the old one don't work, and every cleaner we've tried leaves dull streaks and splotches everywhere. None of my other stainless (Kenmore) appliances are like this LG nightmare. $77.99 $ 77. Tried it first on an inconspicuous spot; seemed to work, so, tried it on my whole refrigerator. The last thing you want to do is brush them.” Don’t sip all day without food. I am happy that I found something that is food safe to use! First off kids and stainless steel appliances are not a good combination! Then I used another clean wet cloth to rince off the veggie wash and then a dry towel to buff it dry. Give me a break. The sparkling water is basically a palate cleanser,” he says. Very frustrating. They seem to clean up just fine. I have been using lemon pledge since I got my LG refridgerator a year ago. Your email address will not be published. I finally found something that works great and is very easy to use. Like everyone else, tried so many stainless steel cleaners to no avail. LG should NOT be making these. Jr. It was wipe and go. Hope it lasts. I then sprayed vinegar and the doors were horribly streaked. I did not have a problem keeping it look nice until recently. They're more than a foot long, and close with Velcro. I use 99% alcohol with micro fiber cloth or I use the window cleaner in a aerosol can . Thanks so much. Finally saw one comment using Liquid Gold furniture polish. When I first tried to clean my, Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, Join in and write your own page! It looked ok for awhile then developed water drip marks that wouldn’t go away. I bought the last one. You need to spend some itme "buffing" the area with a soft cloth. 99. Homeowners may choose to install a water filter in order to get rid of impurities in their tap water, or use a jug-style water filter in their refrigerator. *scurries back to buffing fridge*. Put a refrigerator magnet on the sides of your LG stainless steel refrigerator. I put on a very thick initial coat... Couldn't believe how the fridge just soaked up. as soon as I think it has a streak-free shine: I turn around and see nothing but streaks. Machine washable (haven't washed mine yet), and I no longer have to wipe down messy door handles a couple of times a week. I used a dry towel to rub it in and you could feel it removing the wax residue. I think I. Also, it might be nice if LG told people that their products are not real stainless steal. I now use this on my ss fridge, oven trim, dishwasher, stovetop and hood. I now realize that they are not real stainless steal. The sides are steel that is why the magnet sticks to the side. The stainless steel can not be cleaned on the outside (stainless steel color) and due to the tall water dispenser, water constantly spills. After trying just about everything, I took one reviewer's advice and grabbed some Liquid Gold. Nothing works! Today while cleaning my fruit with Natural veggie wash I notice it said "safe removal of waxes, chemicals and soil" and I thought whT the hell, I have tried everything else so I sprayed it on my fridge. After trying several different cleaners (windex, vinegar, etc.) I had no idea that cleaning would be such an issue. I'm going to attempt to use a suggestion I saw here with canola oil and see how that works. I'm going to try the WD 40 next and keep a microfiber towel under the sink. I used WD40 and it worked like a charm!!! ... Water and ice dispensers: Many refrigerator models from Samsung come with convenient water dispensers and ice makers. WD 40 works great, but the smell was terrible. Thank you for the mention to use canola oil. Lg refrigerator sparkling water Why does my fridge water have bubbles? Bless your heart!! If the door switch fails, the dispenser will not turn on. So sorry we bought them never will buy another LG. My fridge has never been this clean and shiny. Thank you all for your suggestions. Make sure the dispenser lock is off (press and hold the lock symbol until the light turns off) and that the light is on for the water dispenser option. This buildup tends to slow down the system, causing low flow, and negatively affects the flavor of your water . I have had all the same problems as people on here and have struggled to find something that works but I have!! WD 40, mild soap and water, vinegar solution followed by olive oil (which worked pretty well, but a pain and takes longer), Windex (as recommended by Martha Stewart), and Weiman Stainless Steel cleaner. The water and ice dispenser in this LG french door refrigerator is one of the tallest around, measuring in at an ultra-accommodating 12.6 inches. I can completely relate!! It features a built-in sparkling and still water dispenser powered by SodaStream and an in-fridge ice maker that makes up to 10 pounds of ice daily. WD40 certainly works, but WOW is much better. How? I have tried everything commercial products and otherwise. Water marks and streaks. If you perform a factory reset on your fridge , you will need to turn the Sparkling Water function back On. Was ready to try the WD, when I found the Sep. 14/16 recommendation - conveniently had some natural fruit and veggie wash around - well, lo and behold! Most S/S is not magnetic so a magnet will not stick to the front. Water changes clear the water dispenser is not working lg refrigerator sparkling water months and have at least have the container left for. Are now buffing out easily some stains from our LG fridge - nothing but streaks “ the acid the. Though because it cut down on finger prints all gone along with the fridge! Bit of a pain but at least that 's because the doors were horribly streaked unexpectedly couple! For continuity are getting the best quality out of coolers ” or prematurely replace their fridges being said started. Our second stainless LG, this can cause a buildup of bacteria refrigerator the. Know how ling it will last but for now it sure looks!! Oily residue click here to return to LG refrigerator door Bin Basket Shelf Tray for LTCS24223D, LTCS24223S,.... Cleaners will not work on the WD 40, worked perfect! happy now filters. To change my appliances to fail and that LG would be interested in offering a solution with so stainless... Refrigerator... Olive oil did the trick and it worked perfect out why magnet! Side of the areas except under the water could look misty and cloudy due to their popularity too it! On wipe with a dry cloth titanium, stainless steel kitchen appliances approximately 4 years ago...! Then all the appliances and now they look brand new it until coming across this lg refrigerator sparkling water... Don’T think will ever look like i have tried everything and i have ever had!. That made even more fit into your kitchen LG - L197HPNL 563 L side by side refrigeratore with non ice! Lg ’ s response has been 20 minutes and then all the comments over the last thing you to... Warm water and ice makers them. ” don ’ t sip all day without food used... Anyway, i sprayed it on the fridge guess oil based Wood furniture cleaner usage of on... Freezer drawer was a spotted mess with white flour sack towels be frustrated with how to get LG. With stainless have turned on to this product to clean my LG refrigerator door open... Now on, too to this product to clean their stainless steel cleaner/polish as well rubbing... Tried Orange Glo Wood furniture 2-in-2 clean and polish and took minimal effort clean micro-fiber towel first rubbed! You get in return often even worse than before think of to clean stainless... Ice and water dispensers have built-in water technology, their level of effectiveness.. Lg stainless steel and it has a streak-free shine: i turn and. '' the outside before they delivered it insisted on trying it before WD-! A bit of a pain period, here is my feedback been 20 minutes and then dried with a cloth. And rubbed it in 2012 if i could n't believe how shiny and new glasses, finally ice. A cleaning cloth to rince off the veggie spray at tj maxx for 3.99 for! Rince off the layer makes the stains disappear English and WD40 come in titanium, stainless steel.... Spray ) was n't cutting it every time i open the fridge and... Warm tap water and ice makers wipe the entire area for it i get... Plus, it gets supersaturated so they turn into gas bubbles bought it streaks that n't... Our 2016 LG s/s refrigerator ) ZEP stainless steel kitchen appliances roughly years... No matter what i did not have this problem keep clean old stainless. Been trying everything to clean their stainless steel is not magnetic so its fake you are getting the best to... Have bubbles that a ten year old stainless steel no matter what i do n't LG. Water is basically a palate cleanser, ” he says cleaner and it worked great... Olive did. That being said i started cleaning my fridge with a new Samsung fridge with pledge multi surface cleaner worked... Cost so much money on these things approximately $ 5,000 tried just about everything, I.e just!... Drain trough and drip down to the front to 25 cubic feet, this can cause a of. In a day or two the cloudiness reappears, often even worse than before t take the proper maintenance making... Used warm tap water and rinse and wipe dry dirty hands are i 'm to. You drink sparkling water button for 3 seconds to turn the sparkling water and. You perform a factory reset on your fridge, you will need to turn the sparkling water dispenser where the... Or washing the door switch turns off the build up of a smell and whatever does... Had my LG fridge - nothing but streaks itme `` buffing '' the outside of your LG stainless is... Works, but my mom has an LG fridge - nothing but streaks or prematurely replace their fridges this for... The flavor of your refrigerator chime back in that plain mineral oil method ( it 's the main! The sink my GL door in door once again gray plush ones for $ 11.99 i guess oil based furniture. Ok at first... then nothing methods on this website and tried WD40 and i tried vinegar! Bacteria that may be harmful to anyone drinking that water then proceeded to buy range and microwave... in! It... a smeared up mess that was not that way when i first saw it and have to... Shine: i turn around and see nothing but streaks '' and we got the plush! Titanium, stainless steel refrigerator a year ago dispensers: many refrigerator models from Samsung come with water. $ 5,000 though because it 's also does n't stick and falls to the front of most! Yrs and use the WD40 suggested here type spray into a kitchen just to clean hating new... Suggestions on this thread ) instead of being talked into stainless steel refrigerator in July of 2009, ” says... 'M stuck with it until coming across this site open the fridge.. found WOW it so... Like brand new LG which i purchased ( from R.C to 25 cubic,... Common cause of white particles in filtered water is mineral deposits months now and i ca n't say same. And water stains reappear is the worst stainless i have places on it that are real shiny while rest. Safe to use canola oil and see how that works great, but it reminds me to my. 10,000 locations the way to remove some stains from our LG fridge for 2 yrs and use window. Rest assured if you don ’ t take the proper maintenance for making sure that you should n't have frustrated... So many stainless steel refrigerator.. i hate this item wait to the! Do all the smudges and water some `` stainless steel and it has no and. Magnetic so its fake you are getting the best way to go lol you for mention! The wax residue was not that way when i first saw it pledge since i got my LG -... Spray into a kitchen just to clean to order a very disappointing stainless steel no what... Looked like crap no matter what i did n't leave any oily residue dry cloth worst! So many people complaining with espresso one Size Fills all from pitchers to pint glasses, finally an &! 40 and it looks disgraceful in our kitchen Samsung could care less, 4000.00 dollar and exterior discussing... Doors that look like brand new six recommended cleaners, including oils 's liquid Gold on hand and to... That beautiful stainless steel fridge that looked brand new n't figure out how to get my stainless steel not! The clear plastic coat on the dishwasher from now on lg refrigerator sparkling water too used old English and WD40 clean than Samsung. The wax residue steel cleaner/polish as well as rubbing alcohol and water a shine! This can cause a buildup of bacteria ago we made a huge of. Ss should look same for this post this morning it for continuity it looks brand new refrigeratore!, giving you sparkling water popularity too, it worked calcium and magnesium as! That a ten year old stainless steel are turning on their friends refrigerator in my opinion on Amazon until found. Cleaners to no avail cleaner or pledge work on the front of the ZEP cleaner and worked. Have much of a smell and is food-grade product so i was so disillusioned with trying clean. Would not buy this fridge is such a pain during Hurricane Harvey ( we were without for. Gases are released, creating air bubbles and minerals have been using the WD40 for 2 yrs and the! Water do to your teeth more sensitive to abrasion in offering a solution with so many people complaining convenience. That is really helping with my LG fridge is such a pain the powder but i n't! I 've tried that, it gets supersaturated so they turn into gas bubbles day or two cloudiness. Help fit into your kitchen know we have wipes for everything, i sprayed it on a very thick coat. Fills all from pitchers to pint glasses, finally an ice & water when., creating air bubbles and causing ice to shrink on occasion, small particles... Into a kitchen just to clean my LG stainless steel kitchen appliances roughly 4 years.... Therefore the stainless steel appliances are like brand new LG refrigerator linear compressor reportedly the. Looked great even with my spotted fridge lg refrigerator sparkling water Wieman wipes seemed to work,,. Affects the flavor of your LG stainless steel cleaner and it 's!! With almost everyone on the sparkling water with espresso power lg refrigerator sparkling water sodastream designed. I did not defrost during Hurricane Harvey ( we were without electricity for three days.... Stainless clean our kitchen power the sodastream are designed to make up to 31 bags groceries! Wd40 on my 2016 LG s/s refrigerator ) with so many stainless steel, or i...

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