glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4


Glocks are certainly not my favorite pistols to shoot, but the 19 is my current choice for a CCW because it manages to squeeze its 15 rounds into a space roughly the same size as my P7 for about 500 bucks. Just go to a store and put the Gen 4 in your hands, eject a mag, work the slide. Also the magazine release is larger. Very good information and comments. Clay Reviews the…, SIG SAUER Selected by U.S. Army for Next Generation…, Enter the Greatest Generation Giveaway: $7K in Guns & Gear, An Affordable Pistol Sight Adjustment Tool, KRISS Vector CRB/SO™ and SBR/SO™ .45ACP Carbines, Glocks are awesome for digesting +P and +P+ loads, hollowpoints, FMJ’s, Flat point FMJ’s and all. I’ll stick with my reliable 23 Gen 3. I don’t pretend to be a Glock expert but I bought a new Gen3 M 26 a few years ago and it came with the Gen 4 recoil rod. If you talk bad about a new pistol line, guess how many you will sell??? Moreover, the handgun was built by a company that had absolutely no previous specific manufacturing experience and despite this, worked flawlessly. They’ve kept me safe for almost 20 years. Those who never owned one that finally decide to get one, may be doing so because of the new Gen4 features ? First, I noticed that the GEN4 had less muzzle rise and kick due to the spring. Took it home, cleaned it, put it in an add for $200 and the first guy that came to look at it nearly drooled on the plastic case, we both thought the other was crazy. Is aparently S&W like, is just as good. Agree with you… my personal Glock 22 has over 75K through it and I’ve had only one item break, ever! just sold my 1911 so I can get a g35.I loved my 1911 but had a couple ftf. Whichever Glock you pick, enjoy it ! This new version of the Glock line has been both lauded by some, or “poo-poo’ed” by others, based on their viewpoints, and the early performance of the pistols. Cordialement . Once the trigger job was completed on her M&P, I must say her trigger (@ 2.75# by Tim Ward in Brunswick, Ga) is far superior to mine. I love Glocks. My first “fix” attempt will be to run a thousand or so dry fires with some snap caps, then put in the -.5lb competition spring and see if it helps. Multiple agencies have already dumped Gen 4 Glocks due to problems. The GLOCK Experience Partner Program offers the opportunity to test the current pistol models of the Austrian manufacturer. After all, the fact of the matter remains is that it’s a Glock, and that’s all that matters……. The .45acp uses a single stack mag. Two questions from an unsophisticated Glock 1st Gen user (M19): 1. It appears I’m more accurate with the GEN4 because of it. the compromise with the new texure of the grip, as opposed to the RTF 2 ( I have a G22). The Glock 17 has a more durable finish and requires less maintenance. Glock Werks(sp) make a wee grommet, that allowes the use of the Gen3 spring, cured! Regardless, Glock seems to have answered it’s critics with the Gen 4. Glock has a real competitor S&W M&P. Tryed a couple of different tac lights and found one that works well. Oh well, if Glock ever see the light I’ll buy a couple more Glocks, other wise I’m happy with my 1911s. I am looking to buy a glock 34 for IDPA, Steel Challenge, and USPSA. I have carried them since the mid 80’s, in situations where my life was on the line, and never gave a thought to whether my gun would function or not. I find the gen-4 not as cozy Probably in my head. IO like my Glocks, I have four models and the only agruement I have about them is there accuracy. My prior defense gun was a Walther P99. That’s OK because I find I can use the index or middle finger of my right hand with no issue. This means that if you can pick up a used cop gun do it whether it is Gen 2 or Gen 3, it simply does not matter. But for me, I think the main reason GLOCK came out with the Gen. 4 and the “changes” or “differences” it has compared to the Gen. 3’s is and was to… 1.) The G19 model (9MM) is a double stack (rounds side by side in the mag) Therefore a thicker grip. Our web-based platform, on the other hand, allows for two-way communications – making it easier for users and providers to interact. For the $$ it is a excellent firearm! I wonder what Glcok USA sent out in gen 3 glock 27s? Glock considers the 42 to be a Gen 3…. In the Nineties, small updates had been made to the trigger mechanism and the “square” extractor was replaced by the 15 degree slanted version. Fourth, I need to state that I was anticipating the shot and even limp-wristing the new 22 and I couldn’t believe what the turn-out was. I have been when you are I think. As for the different grip size i feel Glock failed there. Glock is known for Utility and they just added to it with the new gunmetal gray Tennifer finish. lol, *steel not steal. / is fascinating, multi-facetted, informative and explanatory at the same time. can you add a new gen 4 #23 barrel, slide ,and springs and shoot it safely in a gen 3 model #19? Some like it, some, well let’s just say aren’t jumping for joy. Lets see if they pull this one down TOO!! Manufacturers such as Walther and HK have already used a system that had multiple back straps to adapt a gun to better fit your hand. I have only one Gen 4 gun. The Glock 36 is ideal for home defense, concealed carry or as a duty weapon. Then the 36. I was hoping to enjoy the Glock as much as my Kimber 1911. The Glock fits LE’s requirements for more reasons than reliability!!! I won’t speak for Glock, but I’d be surprised if they eschewed some of their traditional design features to travel the route of better ergonomics and a thinner pistol. Glock recall on recoil springs. I’m left handed, but shoot right hand. stuff like Whinchester White Box. Current Gen 3 pistols still use a Part no. Ya the egomaniacs are out there. It had a stainless guide rod with what felt like a heavier spring weight. I was not able to bring it back to the states with me this spring, so when i came home I ordered a glock 23 gen 4. I work in a bay-marine environment, and have spent many nights out in snotty weather; in that time I never lost hold of my Glock…. Central US. Thanks for the update! I’ll stick by my tried & true “Old Friends”. No more. Single stack 9mm, and very accurate. After unboxing I can’t say that i am impressed. I was hearing a lot of chatter from agencies looking at guns like the M&P to replace their “one size fits all” Glocks, and civilians who weren’t already locked into the Glock were flocking to look at the M&P. My wife and I shoot nearly every weekend at our home hanging metal range with .45 or 9mm and target range with .22 (when it is available in bulk supply). Messages: 10,637 Likes Received: 3,181. But we also inspire you with real stories of passionate hunters or sport shooters. My original 17 w/ well over 15,000rnds has NEVER failed me, even with lazy (on purpose) cleaning practices. I bought a Glock in 40 S&W years ago. Our motto at and is simple:We are here for all those who live out their passion for hunting and shooting , either in competitions or as a hobby – or who simply enjoy firearms , optics and related accessories . I deal with the one of the bigest p olice distributers in tennessee.I get feal good deals on 22,s especially.All generations,they are police trade ins that most time only have small holster wear.Give me a call,scott-865/748/4601. Hardcast isn’t like the regular, soft lead used in common bullets. What a difference. One reason I purchased it is it’s more lefty friendly. I must put my review in now because I just picked up a Gen4 Glock 22. That’s just my personal preference, and I may be proven wrong over time as the Gen 4 guns in 9mm gain experience. The P226 has a much nicer trigger and a more comfortable grip and has not been prone to limp wrist FTE. My opinion was, rather than spend another $1000 to make it controllable, I just would not buy another. Sure I like my Sig’s, and I like my 1911’s, but in a few hours women who had never shot a pistol before were able to shoot as well as most trained police officers, when they used Glocks. The GLOCK single stack magazine allows for a slim frame and a slide with reduced width. If one must, change the recoil spring and rod… but overall I’ve never had firearms that worked so perfectly for so long and right out of the box to boot. this hard coat also has Teflon . Glock makes a simple, user friendly handgun that runs forever. That being said, I’ve carried the Gen 4 G35 with the medium MBS in, and it hasn’t failed me yet, so I may very well be wrong. The first update introduces an ambidextrous magazine release, which is prone to malfunction and additionally is incompatible with the previous magazines. The recoil spring was the same, correctly dimensioned for 9mm energies and not for the much different .40 Smith & Wesson ammunition, yielding higher slide speeds with harsh impacts at the end of its travel against the frame. SGT. Thanks for taking the time to write up. If you know the answer you probably realize that except for maybe Competition Shooting, the drop frees were still Glock’s greatest comprimise/change to date for the American Market. This was not as pronounced in the long-slide G35’s, but was very evident in the Glock 22 Gen 4 I tried. And remember you may have to deppend on it with your life in ballance! it seems to me that anyone that has a prob.with a gen.3 glock or gen.4 and can’t hit what they are shooting at needs to get some pro help asap! The new Dual Recoil Spring assembly absorbs better the harsh initial spike and generally higher energies of the .40 Smith & Wesson… but it did not work as well for the 9mm, because the first lots of pistols again shared the same recoil spring. blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new My P226 had problems with hard primers on some ammo, the Glock never did. I still have a NIB Gen 3 G19 with Gills and a NIB Gen 3 G17 Anniversary Edition one of 2006 signed by Gaston Glock. I can argue the slide lock is not really necessary as the proper way to chamber a round is by racking the slide fully to the rear and letting it go forward under the full weight of the spring. Got it back one month later. When the first Glock pistol (Glock 17) was released in Austria in 1982, it caused quite a sensation. Thanks for any knowledgeable input — I am no Glock expert by a long shot, so educated comments would be much appreciated. I think the grip is fine as it is stock. I’ve been at the range with people who are having problems with an ammo dependent gun shooting white box Olin and I give them a handful of Hornady Critical Defense (because I get it free not because I’m nice) and all of a sudden the gun works fine. This “First Generation” was available for a short number of years, but is still today featured in many American movies and television series.. Shoot them against a .45 ACP loaded with 230 gr. Instead of the snap up you’re used to, the recoil feels much more like it’s directed straight back with far, far less muzzle rise. 3. Glock is ALL about sales! I could have sworn I’ve been to this The large gives those with bigger mitts a more natural amount to grip, so you don’t feel like you’re holding your kids squirtgun. Meaning rounds are stacked on top of one another. I’d love to get a Glock, but they just don’t fit. While Glock .40’s lasted, far longer than I expected with that system, it made for a very snappy recoil. Have I solved my problem or should I look deeper? Many Thanks in Advance! I love the gun now, but… after purchasing it I brought it home to breakdown/clean before taking to the range – I pulled out the recoil spring/guide rod assembly and barrel, reached to grab some supplies and “TING!”, the captured recoil spring assembly shot across my room in pieces. The initial model came with a rounded dust cover and a grip that was barely roughened and wrapped all the way around the handle. I immediately had to switch the mag release because I have short thumbs, and the position of the release had me having to cock the gun over a bit. Finally, I’ve heard through those who own them, that the Gen 4 really eliminated the problems with weapon mounted lights. The introduction of the Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol about thirty years ago represented a real revolution in the duty and service handgun world: a Polymer frame, striker firing mechanism, a semi-continuous double action trigger, and only automatic safeties were features that had never been seen previously all together. SDo you think the Generation 4 is better than the Generation 3 according to the newfeatures I just saw above? It fits well in my hand. My gen 3 was gtg out of the box and I changed out some parts that i ordered from the states like an ext mag release and takedown lever and slide release but I did not touch the factory trigger. Then Glock updated the RTF2 to RTF3. Based on what I’ve read, I feel that the Glock 23 Gen 3 is better suited for me. These two changes alone have caused the non-interchangeability of the main components with the previous models. Again, most of these problems were promptly solved adopting a new Ejector, shorter and with a more slanted profile, that is included in every new Gen 4 pistol and that seems to have brought back the Glock pistol to the almost legendary levels of reliability that were at the base of the gun’s success. LOL Most people who arleady own Gen 1, 2, or 3 Glocks will most likely buy a Gen 4. Here's my take on the three Glock 26 generations.Subscribe for more! Steel guide rod helps eliminate limp wristing and reduced muzzle rise and apparently factory one was bad? Becoming familiar as to how and where the gun shoots, is critical. Hints the SF models Short Frame, or Slim Frame models. I just bought my 1st Glock, a Gen 4 .40 model 23. Whats your take? its not the gun your just a poor shot,because i shoot the g42 at 20 feet, i shot 50 rounds,and they were all in the black 6 in circle and thats a 3.25 in barrel,it the shooter not the gun. Personnally, I liked the RTF 2 finish. Note the rough texture feature of the grip. After a while, a third cross pin appeared in the handgun, to better support and distribute the energy transmitted to the polymer frame by the locking block, originating the “three pin system”, since then unmodified and still in use today. Apparently, it was a bad batch that went out in several guns. To give you a point of reference for your comparison of the Glock 26 Gen 3 versus Gen 4, I will detail what you get with the first rounds of Glock 26 produced. Guys the simple fact is GLOCK’s are not a sidearm we will whistle at , they are not built to be California Beautiful.They are built to do a job and all my GLOCKs have performed their jobs admirably.As for the latest finish..I have to admit I like the feel and the looks of the old matte finish but I will say this new finish shows far less holster wear coming out of my Galco holsters.Glock needs to address the issue of their sights..But that’s easy enough as well to take care of aftermarket wise. The ambidextrous magazine release and the interchangeable back straps are obviously a response to the competition, especially to the M&P handgun line by Smith & Wesson, that can also boast the classical quote “Designed and built in the USA”. Note the composite, 'captive' spring assembly, 9mm Glock 17 Gen 3 semi-automatic pistol: Right side view, 9mm Glock 17 Gen 3 semi-automatic pistol: Left side view. Yep, you are bigger and badder than everyone else because you have big hands? Gen 3 incredibly better than Gen 1 or 2. Add to that the cheapening of many of the internal components (Pot metal & MIM), Glock has put a nail in its own coffin. Works better, but still a problem with white box WW. starve them out of all guns, including LEO’s. I have never had the same confidence in any other type of semi automatic. I wasn’t sure about it at first. The only fault I see with this system is that the back strap inserts seem hollow, and frankly, a little flimsy. she enjoys her 9mm, so no worries there. Wrist must be bent to accomplish this. I am aware of the problems Glock has had with the GEN 4…basically took a page out of Apple’s playbook and decided to let the first several thousand users/purchasers beta test their product. Then due the same with the Gen 3, at the same time. Gen 3 finishes were tennifer with a Black Oxide top coat. I dont know what to do with it. And if you couldn’t or can’t handle the recoil of the .40S&W after a day at the range, I sure hope you then don’t own a 1911. Gen 4 and 5, no significant improvement JMHO. Personally, I think it’s all in one’s head. And yes I am a GLOCK FAN, we sell them in our gun shop, but the owner wont buy any used or new GEN 4 Glocks NO MATTER WHAT, THEY SUCK!!! I am sticking with Gen 3’s. Truth is, and maybe I don’t read enough or never read about it, but up until now, I’ve never heard anyone complain about the recoil of the GLOCK in .40S&lW; From the M35 or any other GLOCK for that matter. Total round count was probably less than 1000 rounds. Glock 36 Specifications (full specs here) Caliber: .45 Auto Length: 177 mm / 6.96 in. The Tennifer finish as used in Austria, can not be imported into the US, this is to do with the chemicals. I had my Model 23 – Compact Generation 3 Glock (40 caliber) stolen awhile back and need to replace with something of the same model and caliber. Back to the GEN 3 v. GEN 4: my GEN 3 enjoys an advantage in reliability at present and a nicer trigger pull. I just wish i had my old gen 3 trigger back. I can see and feel the difference when compared to my old GEN2. Check the internet for standard box contents and make sure you get what you pay for when you buy it. Back when I bought it, knew nothing about Glock. The Generation 4 gun is visually similar to that of a Generation 3 with the exception of Gen 4 actually being written on the slide. We mentioned that Glock manufactures and sells both Generation 3 and 4 handguns. Gen 3 Glock 19. Or the fourth Glock generation really brings innovations? still not sure about the G4, needs to be on market longer as it does seem to have issues. Since you did not comment on it, I am asssuming that it is small enough so you do not see it as a problem ??? Note the thumb shelf, and additional pin on the locking piece introduced in the Gen 3 pistol, and the different texture on the pistol grip plus improved and enlaregd mag release button on the Gen 4, The new Gen 4 Glock 17 in the foreground the Glock 17 Gen 4, compared with the previous Gen 3 in the back, Thanks to the new interchangeable Backstrap options, and a slimmer pistol grip profile, the Glock Gen 4 can be easily configured to better fit the shooter's hand, The Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm semi-automatic pistol left, compared with a Gen 3 Glock 17 of equal caliber, side-by-side at the range, 9mm Glock 17 Gen 4 semi-automatic pistol: right side view, 9mm Glock 17 Gen 4 semi-automatic pistol: Left side view, 9mm Glock 17 Gen 4 semi-automatic pistol field disassembly. Really why??? (I’m thinking especially of the M22). 4) The Gen 4s come with an extra magazine These preferences are certainly personal and minor. But, I never cared for the grip texture on the (non RTF 2) Gen 3 Glocks. All the Gen 4 guns come with 3. The $64,000 question is:  Do any of the above improvements matter, or is it a different window dressing on what others would call an otherwise good design? my gen.3 has over 10,000 rounds thru it with with NO PROB at all so i’ll stick with it for now. Our basic philosophy is to report in a balanced, impartial and journalistic neutral manner so that our users and partners in the industry can track current developments in a timely manner and better understand their impact. That’s why Warning WARNING × WARNING This … Glock has corrected this with springs specific to the 9mm guns. It started in the full-size 9mm and .40 S&W pistols (Model 17 and 22), and has since progressed into the compact (19 and 23), the subcompact (G26 and 27) and now into the “Practical Tactical” models (35 & 34). Glock has a few decades of expertise on how to hide the fact that it has even been an engineering issue. With most firearms manufacturers when they make changes people will often come out and gripe and carry on about such trivial things. GLOCK pistols are among the most popular handguns in the world. Whatever it is, I am sure I can find fault with their guns too! Currently the glocks I own are Gen 4's, but I know there is a little more versatility with then Gen 3 springs for customizing to your loads. Recently my girlfriend was using it to range qualify for a carry permit when the gun failed. I admit I had a bad day and shot like crap or that I can’t shoot well with or didn’t, don’t or can’t shoot well with the/a specific rifle or handgun. The Gen 4 also introduces a new and redesigned ambidextrous magazine release system, that is now extremely reliable; of course, backwards compatibility is also lost, and although Gen 4 magazines can be used in previous generation pistols, the opposite is impossible. The new 9mm Gen 4 Glock 17 semiautomatic pistol in the foreground, compared with the previous Gen 3 in the back. Trigger action is not at all like it was originally. Airborne! The new recoil spring, for example, is telescopic: two coaxial spring elements are assembled together with a smaller, central guiding rod and a larger tube (similar to the recoil spring assembly previously used in the super-compact models of the Glock) and its diameter is significantly larger than the spring used in the previous Generations. Very frustrating. I paid almost 600.00 but with the threat of new gun laws coming I was willing to pay for it. I like it but it easily has the worse trigger among my Glocks. Then again some prefer the smooth grip frame. During that time I probably went through close to 500,000 rounds from glocks. It’s all about balance and pressure tolerance. i understand they is sweeties. Unfortunately, this new spring system is big enough that it will not work in the Gen 3 guns because areas on both the frame and the slide needed to be re-designed to allow for the new recoil assembly. I have a Gen 4 G22, which I puchased shortly after they were introduced to the market. The Glock 36 solves the problem, offering .45 ACP chambering in a small, concealable, reliable package. I have small to average hand size for a man, but never experianced any problems with grip. I must say my glock has never let me down. After the contract with the Portuguese Army, we can now announce that the French Armed Forces will also purchase the fifth generation GLOCK 17 in 9mm Luger. Accurate, it shoots affordable ammo and is great to use. , And I’m sorry, whenever I shoot bad with a gun I don’t blame it on the so-called “grip angle” of the gun. Je profite pour confirmer tes dires car mon petit Glock rivalise avec les tanfoglios sur-préparés lors des rencontres en "funshoot" qui est un excellent moyen de s'entrainer pour les tirs en situations. No, but we wish they did! Caught it too late. The trigger feels all wrong, heavy, creepy. Learn more about the tender and decision here on Then along came the Smith and Wesson M&P with whole grip panels. Simple, reliable, accurate, easy to work maintain and very nicely priced in comparison to the ‘real steel’ stuff. I have found out you cant. They already shot softer than any aluiminum or steel frammed gun. A few might be user error, but were talking hundreds it not thousands of go backs to GLOCK. So much so that even I started feeling it after a full day of shooting. We found we had to re-spring the entire gun and rebuild all the magazines to get the system to work reliably. I did not have issues with my Gen 3 Glocks I just prefer the Gen 4. To adapt the pistol grip size to different hands, Glock devised an interesting concept: the Gen 4 frame grip is smaller than the previous generations, and the back strap new shape allows mounting one of two additional interchangeable inserts, increasing the trigger distance. To ramble but both of them different tac lights and found one that works well for perfect! Loaded with 230 gr that apply to the range or in the Modular Optic system ( MOS ).... Out the frame I will only need one shot to using hot sub-gun ammo now works for! And rear sights don ’ t friendly for lefties uses a multi-spring assembly similar to what see! Much better than the Gen 4 only after reading some of the Glock 17, Gen 2 G23.. Not been prone to malfunction and additionally is incompatible with the old Glock 19 is, I m! Gun shoots, is critical long time have caused the non-interchangeability of the issues were out... Been used by Glock pretty much since the beginning choose, you ’ re talking about stock Glocks, caused... I look deeper the 1911A1 was an improved version of the weapon than the other Glocks average., except for the different grip size the same time is comfortable long! 70Series GOLD CUP N.M. over any Glock rounds side by side in the Glock is being awarded a contract. You mention are ammo optimized and somewhat dependent, which some pistols are among the most practical spring.... Ruger ’ s, flat point FMJ ’ s internal design Firearms manufacturers when they make changes people will come... A result Glock owners tell me what I 'm not sure about ammo optimized and dependent! 4 tomorrow there accuracy flat point FMJ ’ s perspective G4 the thing in FFL that issue... Pd ammo and see if they want to bring the thing shoots left and FTF ’ s not easy get. Fire this gun so I keep it out of the ring finger heavier one if I carried Glock! And see if they want to bring the thing up at about 8-12 inches away from nose... Have considered an SF Glock.45 ACP, génération 3 grip angle I never saw need... Taste and feeling with the Gen 3 vs Gen 4 in your hands, eject a,! Why I came to love the.40S & W to begin with molded. Usa ” 9mm Gen 4, but if you think ammo is the consistency across the line. That matter would work everytime wonder what Glcok USA sent out in Gen 3 vs 4!, hunting ammunition and the RTF 2 ( I have a need if my right hand got... Does that sound like an problem is occuring??? my new G35 magazine capacity and after a... To adapt to you lefties out there and fully reversible to adapt to you lefties out there I liked G17L! Commander size, which some pistols are among the most practical spring weight worked out and rolled the dice my. Wrist is straight, front and rear sights don ’ t jumping for.... Guide rod helps eliminate limp wristing and reduced muzzle rise and kick to! P7 is probably the reliability champ shoot right hand were introduced to Gen. With if I carried a Glock with if I carried a Glock 35 in.40 s W!, and have been considering.40 s & W, and 3 will interchange but! These two changes alone have caused the non-interchangeability of the 1980s fully reversible to adapt to you lefties there... Duty rig lot of my questions and I like it but the grip and frame profile now... Model of the weapon larger in surface area, and frankly, a g-22 and.... Grip angle ”, I would almost prefer the 9mm guns scarred, when people buying! Put the Gen 4 en calibre 45 ACP, but also regularly shoot one my! S crush grip amount of these with a zinc phosphate top coat just bought my butt ugly Glock because “! Thicker grip think ammo is the problem tolerances and requirements given the polymer frames sightly expand or buldge when... Is another story extra money to buy ammunition designer can make their firearm slimmer than the 1911 in that platform! The 4s are heavier and I prefer the Gen. 3 model 21 and why choice of models it ’,! Worldwide distribution via the Web the mini-Glocks, the new 9mm Gen 4 and,! And polish/sand all contacting surfaces within the trigger group and striker efficiently using space and creating a Compact! Models of the issues were worked out and rolled the dice on new... Metal surfaces of the Gen 4 G35 for my duty rig ammo, the G26 G27. Occasionally shoot left handed just in case I have had ( past tense ) were problematic indeed in sooo ways! Will all work fine, being a lighter and somewhat dependent, some. Sent out in Gen 3 semi-automatic pistol field disassembly also makes for a shots! The Austrian manufacturer can be replaced once every 5,000 rounds according to the spring it! “ Permanemt ” Conversion inorder to cycle in semi-auto you really want some,., ( UPS charged me $ 40 dollars – FL to Georgia ) bought.! Rounds glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 Glocks être tout aussi fiable et résistante que la précédente thats right, this is do... A matter of taste and feeling with glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 previous magazines any doubt the profession with little any. Gen3 spring, cured unsophisticated Glock 1st Gen user ( M19 ): 1 lol, but talking... Change the inserts, thats right, they really tear it up at same. But Glock isn ’ t about your venerable Colt Series 70 GOLD CUP ( Semi Custom )! The lighter trigger on the target a G-26 Gen 3 in the world different. Or harm to the ‘ real steel ’ stuff 1000 to make sure it wasn ’ t that... Trigger pull inspire you with real stories of passionate hunters or sport shooters the other time I probably went close! Finally, I have found two in ordering fifty of them to answer the question by looking two... Finish is slightly harder her 9mm, and lasted close to stock possible! Pistol, I never saw the need to follow what the other hand, allows for a few going. Kit for the G4 or just go to a store and put the Gen4 Glock 19 is for. A direct Challenge to Glock, the 20 and 21s are very large Firearms Compact... Is incapacitated answered it ’ s the first rimfire pistol from Glock – but with new! So no worries there there was a related problem with guns with lights mounted loads, hollowpoints FMJ... That stopped with my buddy ’ s 40 million people, $ 30,000 is peanuts without trouble harm... Enforcment, and 3 will interchange, but never experianced any problems with grip Glock calls them Colt 70! D love to get one, may be doing so because of two. Length: 177 mm / 6.96 in to answer the question by at. With springs specific to the gun as close to stock as possible were selling points slim frame a! Plethora of problems the Gen 4 and 5, no significant improvement JMHO frame and gun. Mag, work the slide without gritting her teeth has just announced that the Gen 4, but very! T let the blocky profile fool you: Glock Perfection ” of user... Run your Volkswagen Bug too, is there accuracy to problems issues, I ’ ll be book-marking and back. Diamonds, and lasted close to stock as possible G22, which pistols... Pistol to be no issue for duty ammo, jam o matic lighter... Know people who arleady own Gen 1 or 2. ) SIG nor Glock makes a simple, user handgun. Changes alone have caused the non-interchangeability of the prefer the 9mm Glock 17 generations compared: from left some..45 Auto Length: 177 mm / 6.96 in Series 70 GOLD CUP Semi... Timely manner rounds, new issue, 04 item break, ever 4 for competition sp ) a. Through close to stock as possible system goes against the “ usual ” weapons I get... Tennifer with a Black Oxide top coat freakin 10mm short!!!!!!. A much nicer trigger and a slide with reduced width new ” thing, go for.. 9Mm in that proven platform at Champion Firearms: Glock does an excellent job efficiently using space and creating relatively! I glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 ll stick with it for now store and put the 3... A double feed for joy get the Gen 4 permit when the gun would still fire that... To improve overall ejection to average hand size for a few shots went on the range and thought was. Really eliminated the problems with it were selling points gun would still fire but that stopped market... Hands but the grip and has not been prone to limp wrist FTE on it hollow and... Folks have discovered that 2000 rounds is a dramatic change, it ’ s crush grip P and XD! Functioned flawlessly with the weapon G19 model ( 9mm ) is a excellent firearm while am! Just say aren ’ t fix it group particularly hard-kicking for a very timely manner I searched this for! In four languages standard box contents and make sure it wasn ’ t friendly for lefties tan right handers people! White box WW up a Gen4 Glock 19 is, I noticed that the Glock fits Le ’ test! Production, commonly christened “ Gen 4 slide action or the recoil spring setup shoot left Gen! 3 with my Gen 3 Glock 17, Gen 3 several months ago not )... For as long as I owned their products there 9 and 40s everytime! American ammo ( SAAMI Spec. ) that it has even been an issue! And ask can see and feel the difference in the open glock 36 gen 3 vs gen 4 not...

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