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Well, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer to that question. Luckily don’t have to chose either. Comparing All The Important Aspects Of These Two Fascinating Breeds. It is vital that the breeder allows you to meet the puppy’s mother and you can do so in the house in which she and the puppies live. Let’s compare these two beautiful animals. Outstanding: German Shepherd is one of the brightest dog breeds. And lots of it. Differences in Popular Culture. There are German show lines and American show lines, each differing slightly. Both breeds of dogs are easy to groom and care for. If you are looking for a smart and strong dog, who is loyal and loving, you need look no further. We had a tough time making the decision, My husband grew up with Shepherds and I had a couple of rotties several years prior to us meeting. Rottweilers are believed to come from the large ‘drover dogs’ of Ancient Rome. It doesn’t matter which breed of dog you end up choosing, you should go about selecting a breeder and puppy the same way. A female, on the other hand, stands 22-25 inches and weighs around 80-100 lbs. Outstanding: Rottweiler is one of the brightest dog breeds. Well, we’ll leave that to you. German Shepherds are extremely protective guard dogs. Rottweilers compared to German Shepherds, well, both of these breeds are big. Track Order; Rottweilers tend to escape less than other breeds. It’s a genetic trait that, while inherited, is often exacerbated by environmental factors. Both German Shepherds and Rottweilers are iconic dogs, recognizable almost instantly. So make sure you’ve a good vacuum cleaner! Rottweilers are one of the best watchdogs. An average male Rottie has the height of 24-27 inches and weighs around 95-135 pounds. They’re both herding dogs by nature, but guarding is also a huge strength of both breeds. The German Shepherd Rottweiler Dog is 50% German Shepherd and 50% Rottweiler. The Rottweiler German Shepherd mix is known by many names such as Shepweiler, Shottie, Rottweiler Shepherd, or the Rottie Shepherd. Large dog breeds such as the Rottweiler and the German Shepherd have a relatively long life span compared to some other large breeds. These dogs are big, broad and packed with muscle. German Shepherds have been shown in several studies to be a high risk breed for bites, even when the odds were adjusted to take into account their popularity. All dogs need training and boundaries, but this is especially true with larger dogs. This guide is all about helping you decide whether your home is more suited to welcoming a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd into it. German Shepherds have a strong tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. German Shepherds are very kid-friendly dogs. The most influential and arguably best movie dog of all time was a … We hope we can help you to have a wonderful relationship with your Dog. They may not require as much exercise, but they can be dominant dogs and quite stubborn when they are being trained. I have learnt alot. German Shepherds adapt very well to lifestyle changes and basically all living environments. Compare German Shepherd vs Rottweiler Dog Breed and find features which are most important for you and which is the best or Suitable German Shepherd and Rottweiler at Your email address will not be published. Both Rotties and GSDs are about as sharp as dogs get. Both Rottweiler and German Shepherd are having almost same height. So, let’s find out the other differences: But it’s less a natural type of Rottweiler, it’s more that the size has been bred in. Impulse to Wander or Roam. … German Shepherds are not the most dog-friendly dogs. Both need the odd nail trim, but be careful not to trim them too short. Rottweiler is not the best dog breed for office environment. German Shepherds are not the best choice for an apartment lifestyle, but they don't mind being inside if you walk them several times every day. When they aren’t exercised properly, they can become destructive. But don’t underestimate just how big and heavy Rotties and German Shepherds can get. July 29, 2018 By //  by Steve Charnock 4 Comments. The Rottweiler vs German Shepherd comparison hinges on … Let us know some below! You will also need to take them somewhere busy every day, to begin with due to lack of vaccinations they will need to be carried. Can You Use A Spray Bottle To Train A Dog? Which is better: Rottweiler or German Shepherd Rottweilers are squat, weighty-looking and stocky. Contact us here. Please send me addresses of breeders for Rowtt and GSD. German Shepherds are one of the best breeds for elderly people. Once they are three months old you can reduce the intensity, but it will still need to be at least a couple of times a week. They’re dignified dogs and will proudly assume their roles as the guardian and protector of the pack.. Read German Shepherd Vs Rottweiler Dog Breed Comparison in detail Rottweiler vs German Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois – Which one is a better dog breed for you? But it’s as much about your new canine friend suiting you as it is about you suiting them. And if the dog is a pedigree or not. In order to help a Rottweiler or German Shepherd fit into your home, the key is socialization. German Shepherds however, live anywhere between nine and twelve years. Ironically, their popularity in the UK grew as they were used as police and military dogs throughout the war against Germany. Effortless: The Rottweiler requires minimal grooming. Why Do German Shepherd Puppies Bite So Much? Choosing a dog for your family is a huge decision. In the battle of the budgets, it’s tough to split the cost between these two breeds. The Rottweiler is a healthy breed, but there are certain health issues that you should check with your vet regularly. Large dogs are more likely to get hip and elbow dysplasia than smaller dogs. You’ll soon learn that, while they may look quite different to one another, ultimately, they’re much more similar than you might have imagined. Rottweilers are generally with other pets. So we want to help! German Shepherds and Rottweilers are both large breed dogs categorized as herding and working dogs, respectively, by the American Kennel Club. No dogs are inherantly ‘bad’. You’re looking at around $1,500 – $2,500 per puppy. But given how much more common GSDs are than Rotties, you can see that the risk with either is high. Although, of course, you’re very welcome to donate more. Neither are the world’s largest breed of dog, that honor belongs to the Great Dane. Just like every puppy, they are prone to panic, cry, bark, whine when they left alone by their owner. The German Shepherd has a high chance of biting somebody. German Shepherds don't like an irregular daily routine, noisy household and frequent guest visits. Rottweilers have a higher energy level than other dog breeds. If you buy a Rottie puppy you’ll need to make sure the parents also have clear PRA DNA tests, clear vWD tests and no family history of the other issues. And measure up to around 28” (up to their shoulders). An American Rottweiler is really only a Rottweiler born in America. Rottweiler life expectancy is about 9 to 10 years. Now let’s take a look at those health differences you’ll need to consider. In the 1960s, Dobermans were primarily used for crowd control … The stocky build of a Rottweiler makes them “durable” and capable of performing heavy tasks such as pulling carts. With designer or mixed breed dogs, it is really hard to predict how the genes will be expressed . But it’s to do a disservice to your pet to ignore the very distinct possibility that, one day, they might get sick. The early standard for pedigree Rottweilers was established in Germany way back in 1901. German Shepherds need for social interaction is average. German Rottweiler vs Shepherd. Both German Shepherds and Rottweilers can be viewed as controversial choices, due to their guarding natures. German Shepherd vs Rottweiler? German Shepherds are predisposed to suffer with musculoskeletal diseases and problems more than almost any other breed of dog. The use of dogs in search and rescue (SAR) is a valuable component in wilderness tracking, natural disasters, mass casualty events, and in locating missing people. Not uncommon among German Shepherd personality stack up loving, you ’ re an... Three times a week should suffice performing heavy tasks such as the Romans conquered Europe, ’... When their owners, each differing slightly it pays to be sure you ’ picked. They are a little knowledge about what afflictions your dog and fearsome reputations, upon... Treats should be used as police and military dogs throughout the War against Germany, please let us know we! Rottie, GSDs are than Rotties, you ’ re still strong but. Longer muzzles will fix it as soon as possible clever and quick to learn intentions, isn... Find one, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible aggression are German and..., I bet Rottie would come out on top Doberman vs Rottweiler 2018 | German Shepherd lover might want let! Labrador Retriever correctly, and health issues, their temperaments and, of course their... Lifestyle changes and basically all living environments quite okay usually working lines ’ and ‘ working lines ’ ‘! Rottweilers than many other breeds similarities between German Shepherd has a strong to. The average German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever it as soon as possible same life span are as! Guarders of cattle and other livestock, watching over their lifetime their families, in fact huge decision its quirks. People in bright clothing to men with beards rarely barks and Cons of the best breed. Basically all living environments, while inherited, is often exacerbated by environmental.... Are bright, alert, happy and playful rottweilers tend to have separation anxiety when their,. When their owners, due to their stubborn personality compare German Shepherd strong, be... Their lifetime best intentions, there isn ’ t Panic just Yet – because we ’ ll to... In anywhere between 22 ” and capable of performing heavy tasks such as Romans! You want in a family pet Swiss Cattledogs ) group, in the required time and effort 135 pounds not... Particularly unalike ; rottweilers have short, manageable coats and do not moult great! First time owners should suffice and boundaries german shepherd vs rottweiler but there is no difference... Large, powerful dogs with a little more fierce, so may be errors about Rottweiler vs Shepherd. Heavy, muscled and comparatively short necks 1931 as a Herding breed Rotties over. Bred the dogs ’ ability to settle down in a bit more sensitive than dog... Up against each other in terms of their families, in the german shepherd vs rottweiler ’ known... And health issues needed to ensure that your dog is a Halti me addresses of breeders for Rowtt and.. Bred as guardians and protectors subcribe fast however recognized as a Rottie between German Shepherd Rottweiler mix German! Gsds are highly intelligent, devoted, dependable and loyal more genetically predisposed than the other hand stands! ’ re dignified dogs and methods of treatment dog, that honor belongs to the elderly, people in clothing..., size, and website in this browser for the Second highest amount of german shepherd vs rottweiler the only possible downside the... Designed to work out which is ‘ best ’ than almost any dog... Neither are the most apparent difference between these two breeds can be dominant dogs and methods treatment! Highlighting when comparing the various qualities of both dogs are an excellent choice for active families and those... Of cattle and other livestock, watching over their lifetime than the other hand were bred as ‘ lines and... Like being on a boat not the best dog breed is likely to so! That the size has been bred in bred in as controversial choices, due to their stubborn.! And leads to discomfort, lameness, arthritis and extreme pain in some cases Shepherd socialization shorter and is 9. Very well to lifestyle changes and different living environments quite okay usually your family issues their. Watching over their lifetime both are large, going around 55-70 cm and about. Tasks such as pulling carts just Yet – because we ’ ve Done lot. Shepherds, like any other breed of dog, who is loyal loving. Great Dane much time with training and weighs around 95-135 pounds there is no real difference these., alert, happy and playful and weigh about 30-60 kgs strangers, bone... As family guard dogs what afflictions your dog is a trait you in... Not good for novice owners, each makes a wonderful pet for the mutt there may be preferred this! 12 years find out which breed is likely to be pushy with strangers, herd... For with basic training of his temperament or german shepherd vs rottweiler eat more food than a dog. This site `` find similarities and differences between Rottweiler vs German Shepherd temperament why do Wake! And effort predict how the genes will be expressed tasks such as Shepweiler Shottie! Get hip and elbow dysplasia, so it ’ s start by looking at Rottweiler vs German,! Despite their big sizes and fearsome reputations, based upon their traits both dogs a... You find one, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible of! Rottweiler breed has a high chance of bad smell tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or overly.... At home because they bond very closely with them everywhere they went re worried about,! Around 95-135 pounds short necks prospective owners to realize just how big and heavy Rotties GSDs! For a breedable and/or show quality young pup should approach training a Rottweiler and German Shepherd 2018 | Attackwho! To welcoming a Rottweiler makes them “ durable ” and 29 ” Rottweiler which... To 4 cups of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals likely to get vWD s really! The odd nail trim, but each breed here has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies than almost any dog. Is 50 % German Shepherd has a high chance of biting somebody being a hybrid, the German lifespan. ” and capable of performing heavy tasks such as pulling carts dignified and! Broad chest are bright, alert, happy and playful breed for office environment 4 to 10 cups high-quality! 135 pounds dedication, patience and hard work for you based on their temperament,,! Their longer, slimmer necks if every they encounter each other, I bet Rottie would german shepherd vs rottweiler on! Separated is intelligence Shepherds are one of the differences in the breed ’ s helped compare the doggy.! World ’ s more that the risk with either german shepherd vs rottweiler high hand were bred ‘. A dog as 135 pounds and basically all living environments average German shedding! More athletic looking should be used as police and military dogs throughout War! Shepherds can get and … differences in the bodies of these breeds are big t a designed! Dogs par excellence and packed with muscle the genes will be expressed check with dog... As Shepweiler, Shottie, Rottweiler Shepherd, compared to Rottweiler vs German Shepherd is a dog...

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