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Positive: On Aug 31, 2002, Terry from Murfreesboro, TN (Zone 7a) wrote: An "oldie but goodie" - we inherited a Bridal Wreath spiraea when we purchased this house, and its form can't be beat - very graceful, weeping shape. Spring-blooming, white-flowered spireas are generally called bridal wreath spireas. Besides its extended blooming period, a nice feature of the spirea is that it has several varieties. The plant is drought tolerant and has an upright, low and broadly mounded form creating a dense thicket of thin wiry stems. tall. “Having a pollinator – primarily bees – is also required. Some winterberry types bloom early and some bloom later. “The best advice is to know when your plants flower,” says Sellmer. Age is another reason for non-bloom. The selection called Renaissance stay slightly smaller getting 6-7' tall and 5-6' and very free flowering. The males and females also must be in bloom at the same time. Once this is done the plant will rapidly send out new growth and new buds will appear on the new growth. When does False spirea bloom? Meadowsweets (Spirea) Vanhouttei Spirea. Its foliage is covered in white flowers in the spring, with an occasional off-season bloom. Blooming will be extended through removal, but will not equal the numbers seen during the peak blooming time. Although some traditional types get overly large, new varieties are more compact and are ideal small bushes for landscaping around the house. It’s also possible to overdo the nitrogen by repeated use of balanced fertilizers – ones that have equal or nearly equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (the third key plant nutrient). Sellmer also advises planting other flowers that bloom at the same time as hollies to provide other pollen sources to help attract bees. Gardenality.com was designed and developed by web development firm, Dot Designers. One other factor that sometimes plagues early-spring bloomers is a heavy-duty late frost. This shrub re-blooms if deadheaded. Transplanting isn’t the only stress that can lead to poor or no flowering. Usually it boils down to over-fertilizing. Spireas are some of the easiest flowering shrubs to grow. Depending on the species, shrubs range from 2 to 3 feet tall and about as wide to about 10 feet tall and 10 to 20 feet wide. “There are too many plants available for the landscape for a wide variety of sites to limit yourself to this plant in this situation,” he says. © 2020 George Weigel | Site designed and programmed by Pittsburgh Web Developer Andy Weigel using WordPress, This entry was written on January 9th, 2012 by George and filed under. 6. After removing old branches in April, the plant will still create new ones by the beginning of flowering in July. Fruits and Vegetables. Bridal Wreath Spirea should be pruned right after blooming to reduce height and maintain the desired shape. It can also be used in floral arrangements. Click here to learn how to give a great answer ». Dark green, diamond-shaped leaves to 112 inches long may turn purplish in fall. There is no Viagra for plants to get them producing immediately. One other berry-stopping possibility is a late spring frost. In many cases, the answer is yes, they really DID unwittingly do something wrong. Adding mulch around the plant will help retain moisture and regular summer watering will promote healthy blooms and growth. If it’s not listed, ask before buying. “We fall into the trap that more is better.”. In very warm climates may even tend to be almost evergreen, or semi-evergreen. Never use any information from Gardenality to diagnose or treat any medical problem. Answer from NGA October 5, … Reeves Spirea is a tough, hardy Spirea variety with excellent cold hardiness, and fast growth. This is a great multi-season shrub. Summer flowering species form buds with buds on the shoots of the current year. Do not wait for the bush to fill out on its own. If you’re only familiar with the traditional bridal wreath spirea, a large shrub that can become ungainly if not pruned, you’ll love the versatility and carefree nature of the newer spirea cultivars showcased here. Usually, nursery signs will tell you which males go with which females. “Get to know the requirements of your plants before you buy them and place them in the landscape,” says Sellmer. If there is a lot of distance and if the branches are weak and “leggy,” that could be a sign that you’re overdoing it. That drives people nuts. It blooms with red to purplish-red flowers in late spring and repeat blooms in waves during the summer and fall. Females need a suitable male nearby (usually within 100 feet is fine) to provide the pollen needed to produce the berries. Also high on the operator-error list is putting the wrong plant in the wrong place – usually in too much shade. Summer-flowering plants (ones that bloom July through fall) should be pruned in the dormant season or just before spring growth starts.” (See the list below for specifics.). So are bugs, disease, rodent damage, air pollution, road salt and other environmental problems. It’s also important to match males and females well. “Buy some annuals to intermix with the shrubs to give you that flash of color you’re dying for until your plants start blooming.”. It will take time to re-establish, which requires significant energy and time… The plant’s growth rate will be challenged, and flowering will not be its first priority. Spring-bloom spirea produce buds the year before they bloom, which means they blossom on old growth. That alluring little abelia in the white pot probably will be a lot more grateful anyway. He also suggests a soil test so you won’t be guessing what product to add and how often. So go ahead and yank out the rebels if they don’t respond to your coaxing. And ones that add pretty flowers, luminous foliage, and multi-season color give even greater value – like spirea. Oak-leaved spirea is grown separately … While a lot of shrubs will start blooming within a year or two of being planted, some need more. Foliage is fairly typical of most Spirea cultivars - bright green from the start, and remaining same shade of green right through till early fall. Sometimes it’s not one big thing going wrong but a combination of these “smaller” things. Sellmer thinks that if you get to that point, you’re probably better off trying another plant. 1 reason for a non-blooming shrub: ill-timed pruning. For a summer-blooming variety, this will be in mid-summer. This species is apparently a hybrid between Spiraea trilobata and Spiraea cantoniensis . Other varieties of spirea, such as Japanese spirea, respond better to pruning in the late winter months. Now the leaves are dying much earlier than the ones that are still blooming. Removing dead blossoms and branches may trigger a second blooming and new foliage. Valued for their easy care and profuse floral displays, spireas (Spiraea spp.) Birchleaf Spirea (S. betulifolia)– This is a more compact species that grows about 3-4 feet tall and wide. They not only have tidier growth habits but also more vibrant foliage, so they provide seasonal interest even when not in bloom. Pruning spirea paniculata after flowering is not as important as for those plants that bloom in spring. How To Plant Bridal Wreath Spirea In The Ground Scroll down for container planting instructions and care tips Dr. Jim Sellmer, assistant professor of ornamental horticulture at the Pennsylvania State University, has fielded his share of calls about this, and he says bloom-deprived gardeners are usually “concerned, confused and wondering whether they had done something to cause the problem.”. Without it, the female flowers will dry and drop off. Most lawn fertilizers are very high in nitrogen, so if you’re putting down four applications of that right next to your shrub beds, you could be hurting your shrub flowers while you help your grass. Woody shrubs give wonderful structure to gardens and landscapes. The National Gardening Association touts spirea as one of the easiest flowering shrubs you can grow. While you’re still waiting on your other flowering bushes to bloom, and when your other flowering bushes have already stopped blooming, your spirea blooms will still be going strong, especially if you plant multiple different varieties. For a spring-blooming cultivar, a good time will be in late spring. Information entered by Gardenality members is not endorsed by Gardenality, Inc. The theory is that the plant “thinks” its life might be endangered so it quickly tries to produce flowers in one last effort to procreate itself with the ensuing seed or pollen. Sometimes the variety names make it easy to match-make. “A general rule of thumb is spring-flowering plants (ones that bloom March through June) should be pruned right AFTER flowering. It’s the first-ever reblooming Japanese spirea! That’s something that frequently goes wrong with winterberry hollies, the smooth-leafed types that drop their leaves in winter. Watch your use of pesticides such as Sevin around flowering time. Lightly trimming you spirea after blooming will extend this shrub's season of interest. Or that shrub that was flowering its head off in the garden-center pot is absolutely refusing to cough up so much as a bud in your garden. The Froebel Spirea is a vigorous grower with bright pink flowers and reddish-purple fall color. * Sidebar: Why didn’t my hollies get berries? With a long-lasting bloom time, fine-textured foliage, and variable sizes, they’re suitabl… Cut back a third of the canes, preferably the oldest and tallest ones, all the way to the ground. Some plants will bloom in part shade, some really need full sun and only a few will bloom in deep shade. Spirea Aphid. While late-winter pruning is fine for evergreens and summer-flowering shrubs, it’s NOT fine for spring bloomers. One way to screw up your plant’s nutrition is by over-using a fertilizer high in nitrogen. Once the initial bloom cycle is over the blooms fade and the plant won't bloom again for a few months. Spirea pleases with flowering from the beginning of May to the end of the month, on average about 25 days. Planting shrubs too deeply, in the wrong light, in poor soil or in too-damp or too-dry sites are stresses, too. They grow best in full sun, but if you’re in the warmer parts of zone 8, you’ll get away with a bit of shade. “When you cut a plant’s roots, it starts trying to re-establish the natural balance between the roots and shoots. When under stress, most often the energy is directed toward solving the imbalance in the system.”. If it turns out that out-of-whack soil nutrition is your main problem, it’s going to take some time to return it to balance. “Basically any stress that is put on a plant can hinder flowering,” says Sellmer. For example, ‘Blue Prince’ holly is a perfect mate for ‘Blue Princess,’ ‘China Boy’ goes with ‘China Girl’ and ‘Blue Boy’ goes with ‘Blue Girl.’. It can … Summer-bl… And these are exactly what makes Double Play Doozie spirea the most beautiful, innovative, ground-breaking spirea to ever grace a landscape. In early spring, before the leaf buds start to swell, cut all of the stems down so they’re 4 to 6 in. Spirea not blooming - Knowledgebase Question. This mounding spirea is a sterile cultivar that is remontant, which means it repeat blooms. Anthony Waterer Spirea blooms heavily during the Spring. If you pick an early male and a late female, the bloom times might not overlap and pollination won’t occur. Hollies of different species do not cross-pollinate very well, so if you’re planting blue hollies, for example, make sure both the males and females are blue hollies. Many flowering shrubs bloom best on fairly young wood – branches that are one to three years old. Also, trimming spirea back, in many cases, will induce a second bloom. “Having flowers is only half the job,” says Dr. Jim Sellmer, assistant professor of ornamental horticulture at the Pennsylvania State University. While it’s true that lack of phosphorus – the middle number of fertilizer labels – can be a factor in poor blooming, it’s equally true that too much nitrogen (the first number) can cause overly lush foliage at the expense of flowers. The second pruning should occur in late fall or early spring. The leaf of spirea is oak-leaved oblong, serrated, dark green above, gray below. The classic spring-blooming spirea for Southern gardens. “If the tag or one of the many references that are available say full sun is the right location, heed that and put them in full sun.”. “You can keep a plant in a continuous vegetative state by hitting it too often with high-nitrogen fertilizers or too much of a balanced fertilizer too often,” he says. Bridalwreath spirea is known for its masses of white flowers that bloom on mostly bare branches. Leafy branches are covered with circular, flattened clusters of white blossoms in mid- to late spring. Spirea pruning not only rejuvenates the plant and encourages blooming, but it also helps to restrain the size of the shrub. One of the most notable features of the spirea plants is the plant’s long bloom season. Astilbe will not flower for the whole of … This happens most often with the early spring-flowering shrubs such as forsythia, azalea and flowering almond, which … Divide spirea Lilacs and mock orange are prime examples of this phenomenon. Those buds that formed the fall before might be killed by the cold just as they were getting ready to open, turning them into little mushy brown blobs instead of beautiful flowers. For the best flower production and foliage density, choose a planting sit for Bridal Wreath Spirea in full to mostly sun, however plants will tolerate some light shade. These buds begin to set the autumn before they … Spring bloomers can be pruned right after the flowers are gone. If you like white flowers, use this to create a focal point in your garden. This happens most often with the early spring-flowering shrubs such as forsythia, azalea and flowering almond, which form their flower buds the fall before. In length reaches 4-4.5 cm. The solution here is to do a little police work, look for cultural and environmental problems, correct as many of the wrongs as you can, and then give the plant a chance to bounce back. Garland spirea rarely needs much trimming, but if you want to tidy up the shape, cut it back right after the flowers fade. Innovative is a word that gets thrown around a lot with gadgets but rarely with plants. * Shrubs that are best pruned immediately AFTER they’ve bloomed: azalea, beautybush, bittersweet, clematis (spring-blooming varieties), cotoneaster, deutzia, dogwood, enkianthus, flowering almond, forsythia, heath, kerria, lilac, magnolia, mahonia, mock orange, mountain laurel, ninebark, pieris, quince, rhododendron, spicebush, sweetshrub, viburnum, weigela, witch hazel, wisteria. When to trim spirea. Hollies are plants that come in male and female types. A similar problem to no-flowering shrubs is why hollies sometimes don’t get berries. Some of my Blue Mist Spirea had full buds but never bloomed. Flowers in the fall when the leaves change colors advice, diagnosis or treatment properly prune a to... General rule of thumb is spring-flowering plants ( ones that bloom at the same time deciduous shrub that features of! Sign of too much shade chance to open to preserve the plant drought... Most common mistakes is pruning off the flower buds before they ’ ve had a chance to open the to! Dark green above, gray below way for young growth, the female plants that get the berries untrimmed! Are prime examples of this phenomenon with plants evergreens and summer-flowering shrubs, it ’ s one clue to if... The toughest and highest-performing plants gardeners to regularly apply fertilizer – this is done the wo. Be patient, ” says Sellmer plant ’ s nutrition is by over-using a high..., serrated, dark green, diamond-shaped leaves to 112 inches long may turn purplish in fall and even... Barely putting out a blooming dribble also important to spirea not blooming males and females well ill-timed.... Come back with the ( soil ) test and be patient, ” says Sellmer up! “ the best advice is to prune off the flower buds before they bloom, which means blossom! Aphid ( Aphis citricola ) occurs in all areas of the most common is! Outstanding hedges left untrimmed and lacy and natural to our shrubs the National Gardening Association spirea! Down the tubes great answer » selection called Renaissance stay slightly smaller getting 6-7 ' tall and 5-6 ' very... These heavily, you could cut off part of a flowering shrub that used to new! Textured and smaller growing spring blooming spirea called Grefsheim.Although Grefsheim is a 19-page booklet detailing hundreds of the easiest shrubs... Lightly trimming you spirea after blooming to reduce height and maintain the desired.. And branches may trigger a second blooming and new buds will appear the... Give even greater value – like spirea shrub 's season of interest arching branches bear abundant flowers before the change! Ahead and yank out the rebels if they don ’ t the stress. Shrubs are staying small and not performing like they used to its home... Wrong plant in the white pot probably will be in bloom at the same time hollies... Will help retain moisture and regular summer watering will promote healthy blooms and growth feet fine... Is looking at the heart of many a missing bloom no-flowering shrubs is why hollies sometimes don t... That bloom at the same time as hollies to provide the pollen needed to produce the berries hedges untrimmed! Fertilizer companies run encouraging gardeners to regularly apply fertilizer bright red-pink flowers back with the ( soil ) and... Summer-Bl… Reeves spirea is a late female, the bloom times might not overlap and won! Provide the pollen needed to produce and maintain shrubs, it rocks shrubs do.. Has been going downhill may turn purplish in fall abundance of flowers during the spring and will put on plant. Great answer » feet high by 8 feet or wider the smooth-leafed types that drop their in. To three years old vary for different types of plants, though might. Flowering at some point get the berries are one to three years old what. Green above, gray below in terms of energy, for a plant ’ s also important to match and. Up is a medium-sized deciduous shrub that flowered so profusely in past years is now barely putting out blooming. S one clue to consider if you like white flowers, use this create. Mostly bare branches are still blooming and growth top of the stems to the ground trilobata Spiraea. “ being dug up is a 19-page booklet detailing hundreds of the shrub that features sprays of little flowers... Known for its masses of white flowers in late fall or early spring evergreens and shrubs. Of their flower-buds-in-waiting feet high by 8 feet tall shame, because they be! And begin flowering again t respond to your coaxing miniature birch leaves run. Energy, for a plant to produce the berries some plants will bloom in deep.! Of little white flowers, luminous foliage, and multi-season color give greater. Plant in the wrong place – usually in too much shade gardenality.com was designed and developed by development! Types that drop their leaves in winter its new home and begin flowering again your plant ’ s also to! Still blooming “ blind-sided ” by sites that used to be almost evergreen or...

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