nested frameset in html


The first tag says "this frameset will have two rows" (and, implicitly, only one column, since COLS was left out). Any set of frames in which there are different numbers of frames in different rows or columns requires a nested frameset. Note: The * character used below in the rows and cols attributes deserves some explanation, as its use in this situation is unique in HTML. BoxAdcontent.document.close(); Most web pages that use frames are actually using nested frames, and most of the predefined framesets in Dreamweaver also use nesting. "); This WordprocessingML element is analogous to the frameset element in HTML (when that frameset is the child of another frameset element). The second row occupies the remainder of the browser window's height. Example page. Nested HTML frameset: A frameset within another HTML frameset is called nested frameset. The "_parent" value. The first tag puts a document in the first frame. It is used to specify the number of row and column in frameset with their pixel of spaces. BoxAdcontent.document.write("